From BBC Scotland in their long-running series ‘Scottish Labour says one or two cases is enough to damn NHS Scotland‘, we hear, today, of two patients with chronic pain who have felt the needed to travel to private pain clinics in England during the lock-down.

There are roughly 1 million sufferers of chronic pain in Scotland:,the%20centre%20of%20their%20care.

As far as I can see, there are no private pain clinics in Scotland.

After the above headline, with the speech marks around ‘forced’ when they should be around ‘patients’, given the number actually reported, we read:

Patients with chronic pain in Scotland say they are being forced to travel in agony for costly treatment in England because they can’t access it here. Pain relief services were put on hold four months ago to ready the NHS for the Covid-19 response. Scottish Health Secretary Jeane Freeman has said she is committed to resuming the full range of pain services as soon as it is safe to do so.

For a reminder of how this story fits the wider BBC narrative undermining NHS Scotland but based on unreliable, tiny sample, evidence, see: