Fatter Together: How long before Reporting Scotland just have to remind us ‘we are overweight too?’


Reporting Scotland staff will be drooling as they watch their big pals get into this topic as the risk of covid death is shown to be correlated with obesity. Watch their space.

Fatter together!

Scotland is not mentioned in the above report but in a linked one, the ever unreliable Nick Triggle writes:

England is not alone: It goes without saying that obesity is not an England-only problem. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have almost identical levels.

It’s not true. Research from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine says otherwise and credits the Scottish Government for some of the improvements.

Research from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, reported in the Independent on 26th May 2018 suggested:

‘Under current trends it is predicted that 11 per cent of the population in Wales will be morbidly obese in 2035, roughly 340,000 adults, while Scotland is likely to plateau at about 5 per cent and England will rise to about 8 per cent.’

The researchers offer a surprisingly clear, confident and simple explanation, for the significantly slower growth in Scotland – Scottish Government policy initiatives and resource allocation:

‘The government put a massive push on developing a route map for how we can actually combat this. They put together resources from the NHS that were proving to be effective. They did put a lot of work into it.’


I appreciate that the trend graph relates to combined male and female obesity, but the table below shows that for other than two groups, the prevalence of obesity in Scottish women is expected to be significantly lower than that in England or Wales and notably much lower for the 15-24-year-olds most likely to have experienced, in schools and colleges, the ‘Scottish Government policy initiatives and resource allocation.’

Table: Predicted % prevalence of obesity 

Also, published in November 2018, but ignored again by the Nomedia, later research findings supported the London School findings:

From Growing Up in Scotland: Overweight and Obesity at Age 10:

‘Historic data from the survey shows that the prevalence of overweight [in Scotland] including obesity remained relatively stable between 1998 and 2016, fluctuating between 28% and 33%. However, in recent years levels of obesity have shown a steady decline dropping from 17% in 2014. This is largely due to a decline in obesity amongst boys which have dropped from 20% in 2012 to 12% in 2017 [40%].’ (14)

‘The results are broadly comparable with similar UK research. For example, analysis of data from the Millennium Cohort Study showed that the proportion of healthy, overweight and obese 5-year olds becoming or remaining obese by age 11 were 6%, 32% and 68% respectively (Mead et al, 2016). Comparative figures from analysis of administrative data from the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP)13 in England were 8%, 43% and 77% (Copley et al, 2017).’ (25)

So, compared to England, 25% fewer healthy 5-year-olds becoming obese by 11 in Scotland. Similarly, 25% fewer overweight 5-year-olds becoming obese and 12% fewer obese 5-year-olds remaining obese.

While the London School research directly attributes credit to Scottish Government policy initiatives, this modestly associates them. See:

‘Food available in and around schools has also been a focus of policy aimed at improving children’s diets. Legislation5 requiring local authorities to ensure schools provide food and drink of an appropriate nutritional standard has been in place since 2007 with accompanying guidance’ (17)

‘Progress towards achieving the goal of a more active population has been made through a range of activities in recent years including the implementation of the National Walking Strategy (Scottish Government, 2014c), the Cycling Action Plan (Scottish Government, 2017b), the Active Schools programme8, Community Sports Hubs9 and the Legacy 2014 Physical Activity Fund10. Of particular relevance for children and young people is the Scottish Government’s commitment to expanding the Daily Mile11 to ensure that Scotland becomes the first ‘Daily Mile nation’ with roll out to nurseries, schools, colleges, universities and workplaces. Recent research results suggest the Daily Mile is effective at increasing levels of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA), reducing sedentary time, increasing physical fitness and improving body composition.’ (17/18)


11 thoughts on “Fatter Together: How long before Reporting Scotland just have to remind us ‘we are overweight too?’”

  1. Yes all MSM now on the Obesity thing. Takes peoples mind off the real problem. Get slim and you’ll survive ventilation but possibly with other chronic conditions caused by covid.

    Obesity is bad for your health but there are all these factors for covid risk:

    Being a man
    Heart disease
    Dementia or stroke
    Being overweight or obese
    High blood pressure (hypertension)
    Your ethnic background
    Your job
    Where you live

    This is why suppression is not enough.

    I think Boris is using obesity as a smokescreen.

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  2. Will someone please inform Nick Triggle
    Of what follows as he appears a firm believer in matters of Truth
    The Figs that follow are based on UK.Gov
    Daily corona dash board
    Deaths/ 100 k of population
    Scotland 45.24 no.
    England 74.19 no.i.e 64 % higher than Scotland
    By the way for the 1st time Scotland surpassed Norway today with regards
    New Cases ,New Deaths & New Tests
    Note since day 1 of pandemic Norway was well prepared and implemented lock down immediately
    No doubt they being Independent critical in limliting


    1. good idea, cause that is where all the fat is, you know the oil, wind power, water etc.etc

      who would want to let go of these love handles

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  3. Now I must confess, some of the UK’s biggest fatheads are in Scotland.

    Jackdaw Carlot, Big Ruthie, Wee Wullie, Jaikie Baillie, Ian “Union Jock” Murray and so on.
    The entirety of the staff at BBC Hootsmon, the Hootsmon, Torygraf, Supress, Daily Heil and Herod all qualify on a—– “1 fathead—get 10 free” deal.

    News Flash*—Big Ruthie is now a fathead export. She joins Big Bella, Giorgio Ffoulksakes etc as part of Scotland’s Slitheratti—like the mafia only creeshier..

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  4. It goes without saying, says Health Correspondent Nick Triggle, that Scotland has an almost identical level of problem – and on his previous form probably without him looking for any further investigation or evidence. All his quoted sources are England only apart from an OECD international comparison using UK data (with no indication that this might have provided disaggregated country data within UK).


  5. Despite facilitating so many to die before their time, the government still has the “fizz” to spring into action at the merest suggestion of extra revenue…
    Don’t let the door slam into your abundant arse on the way out Prince Charlatan…


  6. Alas just to compound the bad news coming out of Scotland and keep us all anxious we hear today that a women visiting her mother in Majorca has worriedly contacted the BBC to say that another two weeks in lockdown will make her depressed while further down we have the seemingly dubious CLAIM from NHS Tayside they have apparently been the first in the World to more or less eliminate Hepatitis C. Clearly some doubt about that…. as if we are going to hear the claim we have suppressed the virue next. What fools we are.


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