In February, Mark Smith told us:

‘I call up some teachers and parents and ask them if they’ve seen the new report on the Higher results. Yes, they’ve seen it, and no, they’re not surprised. They tell me about class sizes, and staff shortages, and the effect it’s all having on the kids. But they also tell me something interesting about how it might impact on the Scottish elections. My advice to the Government would be: sit up and pay attention because this is definitely going to affect you.’

‘I call up some teachers and parents’

You have to laugh. How many we wonder? Four or five? Less?

Five months later, the polls have the SNP up from 43-46% to 53-55%.

Smith has no scoobie about Scotland. More below after this today:

Leaving aside the lame claim with only a soupçon of truth in it, his idea that we are essentially unchanged has no basis. I can’t be bothered digging up the research findings if he can’t either but I have little doubt that many, especially those younger than me who support the SNP, are far more interested in progressive policies than just being grumpy with Tories, as he would have it.

Some of his serial misconceptions have been exposed here: