SHOCK: UK Government comfortable with 1 000 new covid cases per day

Scotland today:

As Scotland’s 7 day average for new covid infections per day falls to 14.6 and England’s sits stubbornly at more than 700 [5 times higher per head of population], Professor Sridhar has drawn our attention to the appalling official acceptance, on 20th May, of a figure of 1 000, approved by the UK Government’s Joint Biosecurity Centre.

She tweeted today:

The willingness to accept this level of infection with the death, trauma and longer-term suffering it brings, reveals the callous indifference of a ruling elite confident that the poor, the weak, and the disabled will suffer most.

The contrast with the achievement of the Scottish people and their government in driving the infection level toward zero and denying the virus victims could not be more sharp.

25 thoughts on “SHOCK: UK Government comfortable with 1 000 new covid cases per day

  1. Scottish numbers: 27 July 2020
    3 new confirmed cases of COVID-19; this is 0.1% of newly tested individuals.
    0 new reported death(s) of people who have tested positive (noting that Register Offices are now generally closed at weekends)
    2 people were in intensive care last night with confirmed COVID-19.
    270 people were in hospital with confirmed COVID-19.
    4,315 new tests for COVID-19 that reported results
    1 new suspected COVID-19 case in adult care homes on 26 July.



    “Key Points
    Modelling by the Scottish Government estimates that on 17 July there were around 40 new infections and 500 people in Scotland who could be infectious with Covid-19. Both of these numbers have fallen significantly in the last week, with daily new infections reducing by 99.8% since the peak of the epidemic.
    The modelling forecasts that the number of infectious people, the number of cases, hospital and ICU use and deaths are all likely to continue to fall over the next two weeks.
    We currently use the value of R to talk about Covid-19 in Scotland. On 22 July, R in Scotland was estimated to be between 0.6 & 0.9.2

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  3. “We estimate around 1 in 2,300 individuals within the community population in England had COVID-19 within the most recent week, from 6 July to 12 July 2020.

    This equates to an estimated 24,000 people (95% credible interval: 15,000 to 34,000).

    During the most recent week (6 July to 12 July), we estimate there were around two new COVID-19 infections for every 10,000 individuals in the community population in England, equating to around 1,700 new cases per day (95% confidence interval: 700 to 4,200).”


      1. Alex
        Thanks for you know who ABC are
        Let us all call BBC that
        You never know it could become the norm
        And if general knowledge then it is
        Game over for them
        That is a huge scalp to take
        And no way can they ever have a head of hair again


      2. Makes no sense to replace British in BBC to something only understood by frequent readers of this blog. It is important that people readily understand what is being referred to. So time to shop this nonsense which only disguises who is to blame for the lies. Sorry to disappoint you.


      3. Anne
        Re.use of ABC
        I must take issue with your point that calling/ referring to BBC as such being of no use and on the following grounds
        1. ABC is true and throughly deserved
        2.If enough of us take this up it could grow arms and legs
        3.From little acorns grow mighty oaks
        4.if it grips and succeeds then the Reward is Huge in comparison to the effort
        5.You cannot succeed without even a tiny bit of effort
        6.And the most important is one of ATTITUDE never ever give in Resolve
        Is one of the most formidable weapons
        That makes your foes fear as it soon becomes apparent to them that you will
        Never Ever yield or back down
        So please all never show or demonstrate
        Such attitude EVER
        Let our Foes Know they now confront
        A immovable force


      4. Absurdistan is a term sometimes used to satirically describe a country in which absurdity is the norm, especially in its public authorities and government. The expression was originally used by Eastern bloc dissidents to refer to parts (or all) of the Soviet Union and its satellite states.


      5. Alex
        100 % correct and such satire is a most powerful tool against any colonial power
        And such has been used to great success
        By oppressed peoples ridding themselves
        Of such oppression
        And if we together and w/o much effort
        Just simply deploy the nomenclature of ABC instead of BBC then such only increase the chances of the Name sticking
        I accept the use of BBC from none and always politely remind them that in fact they represent Absurdtistan

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  4. England is in dire danger of it going out of control
    With a steady daily increase of 600+ new cases
    Along with a track isolate system not fit for purpose
    It is almost a mathematical certainty that at least 1 case is out there not tested or has been but has been highly infectious
    And mobile in large crowded indoor area
    Thereby within 10-14 days creating a super cluster and if any in such cluster
    Behaves as the originator BINGO
    and the Virus is under starters orders
    It is Off and Running
    But for reassurance. Scotland has the system fully operational if somehow the origin of it arrives here not only can we effectively control it but identify its very source
    Then we shall see if there is a Border or not for real
    England is playing Russian roulette and with 5 bullets in the chamber and as each week passes they have clicked the trigger
    Next time they do so BANG
    And some info for you as of today
    Scotland now performing better than NORWAY who are one of the best Nations globally dealing with this
    New cases
    Norway 8
    Scotland 3
    New deaths Both zero
    New tests
    Norway 5984
    Scotland 9106
    The above strongly points to that Scotland
    For the next month that new case should be less than 150
    And new deaths less than 10
    For a whole month
    Because that is where Norway has been for the whole of July
    Oh only if we were in independent like Norway who since the very beginning
    Has only had 9125 cases & 255 deaths
    And economy just a few % points below pre covid
    And 8.6 Billion recovery fund and not borrowed
    Where’s we get 820 million from Westminster for which we must pay back

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  5. Coronavirus: NHS Louisa Jordan used to help clear healthcare backlog.

    John, Just a thought I wonder when McHardle will find infections from pigeon’s will be found or the water supply is contaminated.

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    1. Worringly One of the patients was a martial arts ex workd champion who had been very ill. About 40yrs still very athletic, not obese . But no info regarding diabetese or athsma.


  6. Well the radio this morning has had a couple of fascinating reports – I’m sure John will tell us more about the first:

    Tayside is the first health board to eliminate Hep C – well done them – the guy on the radio telling us about it said they’d treated the bulk of the people that have – injecting drug users – without being pompous and denying them treatment until they stopped using – so, treating people as people and making accessible health treatment to a group that can be awkward to reach normally (to hopefully show that group they have nothing to fear). He pointed out when challenged about being a bit early to announce elimination that elimination means >90% success.

    Also was a piece on BO – I was so fascinated by it I can’t even tell you where the research group is based – apparently BO, the real pongy stuff, is caused by microbes in your armpits eating a specific kind of sweat and turning it into pongy molecules. So: things like sweating from sport won’t affect your pongyness in this way, it’s the type of sweat you get from say stress. Well – who knew that there were so many different kinds of sweat (I had thought sports-sweat was just more dilute, not actually different!). It doesn’t mean to say you won’t be smelly from all the other kinds of sweat and stuff, but the actual pongy stuff is a microbe metabolised molecule. Only happens after puberty, and there is a genetic element (precursor molecules blah blah) as there is a whole group of – south Asian was it? – people that don’t have the genetic marker and have a different smell – not the same BO pongyness. Fascinating!

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    1. Contrary
      Here how fascinating smell is
      My Professor at Uni one day during a lecture on a simple experiment we had just completed and threw up a completely
      Unexpected result
      Never ever under estimate the power and force within nature and then went on to give us a example of such
      In the jungles of S.E Asia there exist hundreds of species of mosquito and once the female has had a feed of blood she MUST breed within 24 hrs as she will die
      No matter what
      So how does she let any male of her species aware of her fertility
      She does this by production and release of one of the most complex but potent chemicals on the planet and it is called a pheremone
      But she must do so at the same time as all other mosquito species
      Therefore each species pheromones only
      Have a very minor change to their specific
      Chemical make up
      But here is the amazing thing
      For all male mosquito species the air is thick with hundreds of differing species female pheromones all with only the smallest of differences in Smell
      But somehow and up to a distance of 2Km.away and only being present in very few parts / 100,s of millions and contained in a vast soup of similar contents the male somehow despite a brain that requires high magnification in order to be seen by us successfully picks out not only his own female species pheromone but knows exactly where the location of its origin is
      And any of you care to explain exactly how this is done
      I think not and it will if ever be a very very long time before we can
      So in conclusion NEVER EVER be suprised
      Or take for granted the power and wonder of Nature


  7. I take it John had a weelie in this morning? – this is good, sleep is good for the body and the soul.

    Richard Murphy is producing some really good stuff in favour of Scottish independence just now – he’s producing at a prolific rate – and I think it’s good for people to pay attention to anything that eases the burden on us from some of the classic anti – independence arguments. This morning he has posted a very long piece about ‘how much would Scotland owe [ England]’ (nothing btw) – I’ve still to read it all, but this is his conclusion, and I see he has a PDF of the article available too:

    “6. Conclusions

    These arguments lead to at least three conclusions.

    The first is that Scotland does not have any obligation to compensate England any part of the so-called UK national debt as agent for the rest of the UK because no part of that debt can at present be attributed to Scotland.

    The second conclusion is that even if Scotland did have a notional liability owing to the rest of the UK the capital balance on the loan would not need repayment because there is no indication that the remaining UK will be repaying any of its debt, and therefore there is no reason for Scotland to make payment to the rest of the UK for something that they will not be doing.

    Third, even if debt was due right now it would be the case that around £19bn was due to Scotland.

    And fourth, if interest is due it would be at a maximum of 0.6% per annum.

    Pulling these conclusions together does however lead to the necessary statement to be made that as 0.6% of near enough nothing (in these terms) is not a lot. In that case this rate is slightly academic. But even if it was (quite absurdly) agreed that Scotland owed the maximum possible liability of £106bn the interest due would be just over £600 million a year. This is not insignificant, but then, it is not due either. But if it was, this sum has to be kept in proportion. This sum would be less than one percent of a likely total Scottish government budget and this is an exceptionally low interest cost., not least compared to the UKL over recent years where in percentage terms have been very much more than that. However looked at then, this is not going to make or break an independent Scotland. And that means that debt is not in that case going to be a big deal in the independence debate, however it is looked at.

    And I make one final point. Anything owing would be negotiated. Nothing relates to existing debt. So Scotland would be at complete liberty to demand that any favour it grants (for favour it would be) would have to be payable in Scottish pounds. Nothing else would do, and nothing else would be acceptable. Scotland would not want to start its independent existence owing debt in a foreign currency, and must not do so.”

    Is there room in your blog John, to do more economical debunking? I don’t read or watch MSM so don’t know what might need debunked as codswallop – it would need a bit of coordination?

    I really believe that becoming confident of ourselves and sure of our economical position will go a long way to convince others that not only is independence a ‘nice to have’, not only feasible, but is preferable and worthwhile. It won’t be easy actually reaching that stage, so let’s get as many truly on board as we can, with a real determination to see it through.

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    1. 8 hours in bed! World F record! No cramps.

      Two days

      Solution – no food additives especially preservatives ever, flavour enhancers, no dairy, no alcohol after 5pm, no caffeine after midday… like an effin monk!

      Sex OK but can’t remember how.


      1. 😀

        Amazing, well done on the good sleeping – aye the effort sometimes can be ,,, a bit too much at times – but as long as you HAVE a solution, you know you can apply it for the occasional week and refresh and revitalise!

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