Saint Nicola?

By Contrary:

After watching an analysis by Professor John Robertson (full title because this is his profession) of the media coverage of the 2014 Independence Referendum again, I was reflecting on how interesting the bit about how the BBC and other media personified the independence movement: by constantly referring to ‘Alex Salmond’s referendum’ so they could attack the person, not the group or the idea. Interesting that that’s what a lot of the independence movement seem to be doing to themselves now with Nicola Sturgeon. I just wonder if that’s through choice, copying behaviour or through malign influence, that is, are the media still doing it (they are, but…). But the effect is still the same, independence has been centred on one person instead of attributed to the whole of Scotland, with its diversity. It narrows the field and makes Independence party-political, and easily attacked.

Comment by Clydebuilt: 

Rubbish the Person, destroy the person, you’ve beaten the YES movement.

Contrary reply:

That does seem to be the mindset Clydebuilt – but it’s a bit of a yes and no, or maybe a chicken and egg situation. The thing is, the Yes movement is a wide and dispersed group of many differing opinions, so what the dark forces need to do first is corrall everyone into believing independence banks on only one person – so not be too fierce with their attacks for a start, but critical enough we all rally round – and once you have achieved that, then you destroy the person and the independence movement with it.

Everyone has the right to their own opinion, and I have been disturbed to see the growing number of strongly protective comments when it comes to Nicola Sturgeon – it’s their right to support her and believe everything she does is perfect, but when those comments turn into attacks on others that don’t believe that or are critical in any way, effectively claiming that if you are critical of the SNP/Nicola Sturgeon then you will destroy any hope of independence – that’s where I see the trend. Shut down debate, make one person into the personification of independence – easily taken down or controlled at whim. 

It’s a weakness we will always have – we need some kind of central leadership to rally behind and believe will deliver us from the forces of darkness – but we just can’t, because it leaves us vulnerable. We all need to be, or stay, flexible, open-minded and tolerant of each other.