The registered HQ of the Institute for Statecraft and the Integrity Initiative, an abandoned mill in Fife, Scotland.

On Good Morning Scotland this morning at 9.40, Ben Nimmo was interviewed as Director of Investigations, @Graphika_NYC. This is no doubt accurate, but Nimmo is also known widely to be active in the undemocratic sometimes covert groups working to undermine the SNP and the Yes movement.

Nimmo was listed as a senior fellow of the Institute for Statecraft on 25 November 2018: and of the related Integrity Initiative, responsible for wrongly identifying SNP supporters as acting on behalf of Russia.

I’m not competent to write more on this but Craig Murray has done so fully:

My concerns here, once more, are transparency and democracy.

BBC Scotland, the Herald and the Scotsman, in particular, regularly feature reports critical of the SNP, the Scottish Government or the Yes movement, mostly ill-informed or dishonest, by members of Scotland in Union or by writers who are members of the opposition parties, without informing the audience of their likely agendas.

Today we hear from a man with a clear agenda, treated as a respected, impartial researcher. Does Good Morning Scotland have any researchers itself?

How big a problem is this? What is reported here is likely to be only the tip of an iceberg but see this from just the last few weeks: