Good Morning Scotland interviews an anti-SNP ‘spook’ presented as an honest researcher

The registered HQ of the Institute for Statecraft and the Integrity Initiative, an abandoned mill in Fife, Scotland.

On Good Morning Scotland this morning at 9.40, Ben Nimmo was interviewed as Director of Investigations, @Graphika_NYC. This is no doubt accurate, but Nimmo is also known widely to be active in the undemocratic sometimes covert groups working to undermine the SNP and the Yes movement.

Nimmo was listed as a senior fellow of the Institute for Statecraft on 25 November 2018: and of the related Integrity Initiative, responsible for wrongly identifying SNP supporters as acting on behalf of Russia.

I’m not competent to write more on this but Craig Murray has done so fully:

My concerns here, once more, are transparency and democracy.

BBC Scotland, the Herald and the Scotsman, in particular, regularly feature reports critical of the SNP, the Scottish Government or the Yes movement, mostly ill-informed or dishonest, by members of Scotland in Union or by writers who are members of the opposition parties, without informing the audience of their likely agendas.

Today we hear from a man with a clear agenda, treated as a respected, impartial researcher. Does Good Morning Scotland have any researchers itself?

How big a problem is this? What is reported here is likely to be only the tip of an iceberg but see this from just the last few weeks:

24 thoughts on “Good Morning Scotland interviews an anti-SNP ‘spook’ presented as an honest researcher

  1. Why doesn’t the SNP/SG speak out against such dubious presentation by the bbc? It it did it, and the Yes movement, would secure even more support from the people of Scotland. Why is the SNP/SG scared of the britnat media?

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    1. They need a full time anti-propaganda officer.
      They can call it what they like but that would be the job description. It is astonishing that they allow a continuous stream of lies and secret moles to go unchallenged.
      Unless they don’t want Independence?

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      1. “They need a full-time anti -propaganda officer”

        They are supposed to have one his name is Murray Foote ex editor of the Daily Record , responsible for “The Vow”
        He publically states he is now infavour of an Independent Scotland.

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      2. Murray Foote,,,

        In theory, he should know all the tricks and be able to spot and counter the arguments better, BUT

        Changing from anti- to pro-independence is a journey – as Phantom Power films promoted – and journeys take time, there are a lot of parts of British imperialism you need to shake off (even if it isn’t a change of mind, there still are) and you need time to do it. Suddenly declaring and changing sides in a debate doesn’t mean you have lost all the indoctrination; from your education, from your peer group, from your friends and family. I don’t believe enough time has passed, and I believe it needs to before anyone believes he isnt going to switch back just as quick. And effectiveness? Hm, well. It was an interesting choice.

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    1. It would be good to get some of these collated and out there in a national paper right enough. It’s definitely in the public interest to know.

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      1. That was then. Dick Someone replaced by Callum Baird. New editor.

        Here is a link to his writing profile which might say something about him.

        Robert the Bruce?

        I believe you would be a real asset for The National. Your blog pieces could regularly refresh online content and a big piece in the paper.

        Here is his email address

        The National is looking for a community journalist. There might be some mentoring


      2. Are there any BBC supplied (free of charge) “freedom” journalists working at the National?


  2. I’m sure all of us who regularly attempt in our small way to defend the record of the SNP and Sturgeon in particular against all the increasing misinformation out there agree there are ‘Dark forces’ at work here which are becoming more prevalent as we get closer to the Holyrood elections next year. What frustrates me more than anything else is the secrecy behind these people like ‘We got a Problem’ or Rotten Politics’ and others who are regulars on Youtube. Not sure if that is something John you want to take on board given your Investigative abilities but would love to know who these people are and expose them. That aside I do get down somewhat downhearted that there seems to be no forceful voices coming from the SNP to counter this and they really need to wake up to the threat these people pose and address it head on.

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    1. indeed Gerry. The Britnat agenda is not just to stop independence, it is to take down the SNP, to get them out of office, by hook or by crook. (or both!)
      The Britnats and their dodgy pals will stop at nothing to achieve that, they know that at the next Scottish government election, should the SNP be voted as the lead party it will mean a definite independence referendum in the short term, and the result is in the bag then, and will most certainly not be in favour of the British Nationalists. Which is why, the Britnats are terrified, I wonder how much cash is being pooled right now between Tory and red Tory parties, I suppose it’s obvious given they have some very dubious organisations such as the one in this article.

      A huge thanks for all you do John, for Scotland.


  3. The BBC is and always has been one of the main propaganda arms of Westminster power. It has always been its core purpose. The rest is window dressing, but it also uses its ‘educational’ products to reinforce approved ideas about what concepts like ‘United Kingdom’ ‘British’ and ‘Great Britain’ are and what they represent.

    The Greater England Project has been on the go for centuries; first within these islands and in France, then later as it extended its empire. The Westminster power base has been using propaganda to reinforce its power across the peoples and countries they took control of and exploited ruthlessly and at the same time to intimidate and warn off other powers they saw as potential threats. It has centuries of experience of messing with people’s heads.

    People often forget, or simply don’t realise that much, if not most, of its energy goes into spreading disinformation and attacking what the English state sees as threats to its power and control within these islands. Essentially, it uses the reach of the BBC Propaganda Units to attack the people of Scotland and the other parts of these islands.

    It’s what they do. Every single day.

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  4. Jo Maugham tweet
    Wow! The Scottish Daily Mail puts an analyst from US right wing religious hate group the ADF on its front page and pretends she’s a UN legal expert.


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