Emergency attendances double but performance holds at 95% target

After plummeting to around 12 000, in the early days of the outbreak, attendances at Scotland’s A&E departments have climbed back toward the former average level, around 25 000 per week.

Unsurprisingly, performance at the start of the outbreak began to hit the 95% target but, though attendance has since doubled, that performance is holding.

NHS England, though experiencing similar decreases and a recent recovery in demand, has not managed to hit the target with, at best, 91.2% in May 2020:


8 thoughts on “Emergency attendances double but performance holds at 95% target

  1. Well what else to expect when the following in place
    1 Proper planning,management and governance
    2 A motivated staff from top to bottom
    3 Team work
    4 A sense of purpose
    5 Pride in their efforts and results achieved
    This is not rocket science
    It is just pure old fashioned common sense and the proper way to run any business SUCCESS FOR ALL
    No need for the politicians to make condescending remarks Whilst secretly plotting to disband your employment and contract
    Then throw you to the Big Bad Wolves of privatisation and unregulated capitalism
    And knowing full well you are no longer with a employer continually driving standards and your remuneration /benefits in a positive direction
    But now in a ruthless race to the BOTTOM
    Whilst your new paymaster is taking the sweat off your brow and squirrels the proceeds away in tax havens and never ever grateful only more demanding
    And whether you voted for the government or not You are stuck now
    Because they are a part of the corrupt gang running things


    1. While I agree with the five points you have listed, I think that these would have been in place before the outbreak.

      The outbreak brought about a substantial transformation within NHS Scotland in order to adapt to cope with the expected rise in admissions forCovid-19 and this occurred in a very short period. It appears that the adaptation was effective in that the infection seems under control.
      Other aspects of the health service have been getting cranked up again.

      A&E continued during the height of the pandemic although the numbers attending reduced significantly. I wonder if this relative hiatus gave a time for an evaluation of practices within A&E and lessons have been learned which have led to a faster throughput of patients.

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    1. Interesting that the MSN article doesn’t mention stand-ins for private care home management. Wonder if they will even make an appearance?…

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  2. Thank your lucky stars you live in SNP Scotland.

    In Starr county, Texas, the hospital is now so over-loaded with coronavirus and ethics committee has been set up to decide who gets treatment, and who gets sent home to die.
    The county’s infection rate is now at 2,370 per 100,000 people.

    This is what happens when “government” washes their hands of their responsibilities.


    1. Yes that is what happens when governments wash their minging paws
      But tis up to the voters to kick their ass


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