Choose one of these teams to trust with your life

You can choose either the Zero Tolerance for Covid Gang, above or the Take it on the Chin, Grandad Herd, below:

What will it be? Five Alpha males or one guy with four women – easy?

9 thoughts on “Choose one of these teams to trust with your life

  1. A Boris Boy Band. Well, we know what “boys” are like.
    And we know what Boy Band Boris used to be in.
    Wreck the place, dont take responsibility. Throw some dosh down or call Pater to get the bill.

    No money? Just borrow what you need—give some to the smaller boys—tell them they owe you.
    Life at Eton. Life at Oxbridge. Life at the Bullingdon Club. Life at the Torygraf. Life in the Toadie Party. Life at Westminster. Life at No10.

    The Life of Boris!

    Brought to you, in soft focus, no hard questions detail, by Laura and BEEB Productions, AKA the Kremlin, Londongrad!

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  2. Fret not Do not Chose
    Our minds firmly made up
    And time to choose for real
    Is looming over the horizon
    And shall arrive with Holyrood
    Election 2021
    Over to you folks


      1. Re.Those than stand with legs apart
        Oh yes they most certainly do
        And that is so we can give them the almighty
        Of kicks


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