Scotland’s low crime makes it safest place for staycations

From The 2020 Safecation Report:

As lockdown restrictions began to be eased, and the government announced people would be able to travel around the UK again, bookings for staycation holidays surged in popularity.

Holidaymakers can be a tempting target for criminals. Even minor incidents can spoil your holiday, so our Staycation Nation report has revealed the safest new and traditional destinations in the UK to ensure your holidays are plain sailing.  With the lowest crime rates, the report reveals that Scotland is the UK’s safest region for a staycation. Out of the top 10 safest new staycation destinations, half of the holiday retreats were located in Scotland. In fact, Motherwell, Isle of Harris, Paisley, and Dunbar all recorded no crimes in April 2020 with Kilwinning only reporting 1 crime.

As someone living a holiday town and knowing well many of Scotland’s other popular holiday locations, I’m a wee bit puzzled by at least three of the above destinations being described as places for staycations but, hey, who am I to question?

I’ve been in five of the least safe and saw no crime then but that was more than 20 years ago.

9 thoughts on “Scotland’s low crime makes it safest place for staycations”

    1. Writing in last month’s DevoConnect, Dan Jarvis MP and South Yorkshire mayor wrote, “Metro Mayors command unique local knowledge, networks and legitimacy, and having a seat at the table in the national government’s recovery planning is vital”.

      Which reminds me, are the devolved leaders going to have seats at said table? Or by “national government” does he mean English? Again…


  1. O’Yez O’Yez O’Zez
    To all citizen’s of
    Advance warning of impending riots and severe civil unrest coming SOON
    years of cut backs to police and armed forces Will lead to authorities UNABLE to
    Sufficiently protect life,limb & property
    Prepare for Quarantine & Severe curfews
    Further announcements as Virus and unrest spreads rapidly to most areas
    Through to this Land


    1. I used to live in the Bury area. My relatives still do.

      Sorry, but the more likely response is “But what can you do? *sigh*” Same with many of the other places, I suspect.

      My response to that? I try my best. But what can you do? *sigh* (!)


      1. No you DO NOT sigh
        And as a example of this general attitude of grin and bear it Or as a certain cretin would say Take it on the chin
        And may i convey the thoughts I passed at a Burns supper whilst seated next to a young chap with his kilt on but could not stop using his I phone
        And the conversation went like this
        Me. the trouble with your generation is that via that thing in your hand you are being cleverly stupefied as to how the World is run by the elite powerful and wealthy
        Him. Not at all quite the reverse
        Me.What do you do for a living
        Him.At uni.honours in media studies
        The conversation went back and forward
        With my point failing to penetrate
        So i said
        You failing to comprehend just how much
        We are thought of as Sheep to herd by the
        High Tech collie dugs as instructed by their Masters command and control whistle
        Him.Utter nonsense
        Me you just dont get you know anything of The Vietnam war
        Him Yes you know that my generation in its youth were instrumental in bringing about the end of that evil money spinning for some War
        Him. How
        Me.well when I was your age at Uni.
        The Students held a Demo at the US consulate in Edinburgh
        I picked up a brick i found in the gardens opposite put through their window
        Result and as it was a Thurs and a long weekend holiday
        Spent 4 days in cells and fined £200
        A lot of money for a student back then
        Him.I still do not get your point
        Me.well lets say I Donald Trump and I put out one awful Tweet and he gets 10 Million Tweets back showing rage
        Him.but your proving my point The Tech not stupefying
        Me. Ah but what if it was 10 million bricks
        We had in our hands and not I phones
        Him.shaking my hand with a big smile said
        Now I Understand and you correct
        Me.well pick it up and throw
        They are paper tigers and will run a mile
        In fact and after such discharge of the brick that the next time you only have to look at the brick
        As such will have them weeping and cowering in the corner to which the brick cast them
        They are few and we are many


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