From The 2020 Safecation Report:

As lockdown restrictions began to be eased, and the government announced people would be able to travel around the UK again, bookings for staycation holidays surged in popularity.

Holidaymakers can be a tempting target for criminals. Even minor incidents can spoil your holiday, so our Staycation Nation report has revealed the safest new and traditional destinations in the UK to ensure your holidays are plain sailing.  With the lowest crime rates, the report reveals that Scotland is the UK’s safest region for a staycation. Out of the top 10 safest new staycation destinations, half of the holiday retreats were located in Scotland. In fact, Motherwell, Isle of Harris, Paisley, and Dunbar all recorded no crimes in April 2020 with Kilwinning only reporting 1 crime.

As someone living a holiday town and knowing well many of Scotland’s other popular holiday locations, I’m a wee bit puzzled by at least three of the above destinations being described as places for staycations but, hey, who am I to question?

I’ve been in five of the least safe and saw no crime then but that was more than 20 years ago.