As of yesterday, England’s Covid 19 death rate was 634 times higher or 63.4 times, per head of population, higher than that in Scotland.

The PM will visit somewhere in Scotland not dominated by SNP support to argue that the ‘might of the UK union‘, or the UK’s willingness to borrow billions for the furlough scheme and expect Scotland to share the debt, and not the careful lock-down and clear messaging from the SNP Government so praised by academics and commentators across the UK, is responsible for the achievement of the lowest death rate of all countries with reliable data collection.

Just why the ‘might of the UK union‘ did not save England from having currently one of the higher death rates:

With similar populations, England has 5 times the death rate of Italy. With only 1.3 times the population of Spain, England has 30 times the death rate. With 12 times the population of Ireland, England has 64 times the death rate.