SHOCK: Sturgeon to let Russian submarines take over in Clyde bases after Indy!

In the Scotsman today, self-styled strategic policy expert, Azeem Ibrahim revisits his ‘only the Royal navy could save Scotland from Russian invasion‘ thesis from 2013. Leaving aside the hopeless inadequacy of the RN these days with only a handful of frigates operational at any one time, this story is right at the ‘wet your pants’ end of the laughter spectrum.

Ibrahim appears, like the SiU lot, with no mention of his membership of an anti-independence group, the Scotland Institute.

The SI was founded by, don’t snigger, Ibrahim, Jackson Carlaw, Jo Swinson and Alistair Darling. They are incredibly unproductive and appear to have published nothing since 2013:

They should recruit Prof Pennington. He has something out every day.

19 thoughts on “SHOCK: Sturgeon to let Russian submarines take over in Clyde bases after Indy!”

      1. Yes all 3 but if you feeling suicidal
        Book a trip on a Stenna line crossing
        From Cairnryan to NI
        But please book a return just in case the Submarine does not get you on the 1 st crossing


  1. The only thing in excess of this persons
    His utter stupidity
    Friends are chosen never imposed
    Such is the gift of the chooser

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  2. Surely when Scotland becomes independent, Russia will be most interested in supporting the “London Laundromat”, awash with money looted from Russia by Putin and his chums/stooges.

    Why are all these Brit Nats so reticent about their connections to Brit Nat front organisations?
    Why does the media help them cover up their connections?
    When Ruthie was “bought” by a Ruski emigre, what did they get for their money?
    How much money have Russian oligarchs “donated” to the Tories, and what did it buy them?

    What is corruption?—Gies a fiver, and I’ll tell you.

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  3. This is an old story.
    When the Scotsman was a REAL newspaper, it published a letter (memory has it about ’74 )from a retired military gentleman living here, to the effect that an independent Scotland would “allow” the USSR to invade England through Scotland.
    No concern about the consequences Scotland, his only interest was England.
    I suspect the good Dr Ibrahim is looking at this from the exact same perspective.

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    1. If the Russians or anyone else wanted to ‘invade’ England they could do it tomorrow, I hear they have underwater drones now, so it would be easy peasy if so…fabulous.


  4. Reminded me of the funny story of a Scottish Labour MP chastising the SNP during the Trident renewal debate warning that it was insanity not to renew when there were apparently Russian submarines sailing up the Clyde forgetting of course we had Trident already which had proved powerless to stop them.

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    1. That made me laugh out loud.

      Next we will be hearing that Aliens are going to use Scotland as a gateway to invade John Bullyland, and their goal…… kidnap Cummings and Johnson…….their purpose is anyone’s guess.

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  5. Wait, are the Russians not already integral to all areas of Scottish life, good and bad it seems to be, looking at how much attention this is getting in the fake media of UKok. Nicola Sturgeon has them in her pocket does she not, and they helped in indy ref in 2014 except which side were they on no one seems to know, they can’t have been helping us win and lose at the same time, or could they, they are a clever lot. They did a bad job if they were helping Scotland win, (lol) wouldn’t call on their services next time!

    Scotland’s waters are really not protected effectively within the UK, it would make little difference if the English MOD upped and left Scotland tomorrow. Scotland’s an occupied terriTORY but certainly not safe, the vast coastline requires much more protection than the Britnats provide and my do they rip off Scotland’s £’s to not protect our land and seas.

    Anyone who feels safer because of Trident has lost their marbles.

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    1. Thanks for this link. Seems as if it is a new ‘flagship’ NHS facility that is having to be closed on fire safety grounds!

      “The critical care unit only opened in April and is the biggest and most advanced facility of its kind in the NHS. It has played a key part in helping King’s manage an influx of seriously ill Covid-19 patients.”

      We’re also told: “Concern about the potential fire risk has been so significant that King’s is understood to have had fire marshals on site in the unit around the clock during the pandemic.”

      And we learn it has had problems before: “It is the latest fire safety problem to affect the unit. The planned opening of its first phase was postponed in November 2018 because of “issues with defective fire management within the unit”. At the time the trust said “defects in the critical care centre” were due to be fixed within a month.”

      The Guardian has ‘failed’ (!) to get a quote from the Secretary of State I see. There is not even a quote from a concerned Mayor of London or from an opposition MP in a local constituency on the impact on London residents nor on what must be surely a shameful dereliction of standards of procurement, building design and project management.

      Wanting to learn what the relevant governments’ reactions were I (of course) visited the BBC News website. I even drilled down to ‘regional’ news for London. ‘Surprisingly’ nothing was found – at least so far!

      So it’s not newsworthy enough for the BBC, not even with the connection to the issue of unsafe panel cladding.

      It’s just ‘where were are’ it seems that such things rile opposition politicians who expect and get journalists to hold health secretaries to account.

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