Scotland amongst the least infected and with the lowest death rate in the world

As creepy commentators desperate to hang on to Scotland’s traumatic start to the pandemic, more recent figures reveal a triumph for our people, all of our workers and our government.

In the above comparison of 14 ‘advanced’ nations with reasonably reliable data, Scotland is one of the least infected of all.

Only those small independent countries, not tied to a neighbour’s maniacal political leadership, Norway and Ireland have done better, but not significantly more so. With similar populations, they have 7 day averages of 6.7 and 10 cases per day compared to our 12.3. Scotland’s figure was recently around 7 or 8 before the Motherwell call centre outbreak, in a facility run by a global corporation on behalf of NHS England.

The graph above has a logarithmic scale so the numbers in the box are more useful for comparisons.

These are not per capita figures so it was possible that some of the larger countries might have rates closer to that in Scotland. However, some quick arithmetic shows that to be not the case except for Italy, with 10 times the population of Scotland but only 16 times the number of cases and Germany with 15 times the population and ‘only’ 33 times the case level.

Most of the larger countries have much larger case levels than Scotland per capita. England has 10 times the population but 43 times the case level. The USA has 60 times the population but more than 5 000 times as many cases per day.


When it comes to deaths, Scotland’s achievement is remarkable.

Northern Ireland has come close with the same 7 day average of 0.1 but based on a much smaller population and with the advantage of a sea barrier between it and England.

Ireland and Norway with similar populations have a death rate 3 times higher as do Germany with a population 15 times higher and a death rate 49 times higher and Spain, with a population 8.5 times higher and a death rate 23 times higher.

Things are much more dramatic, tragic, when we compare the deaths rates in England and the USA.

England has 10 times the population but 676 times the daily death level! The USA has 60 times the population but nearly 8 000 times as many deaths per day.

When can we expect our media to tell everyone the news?

5 thoughts on “Scotland amongst the least infected and with the lowest death rate in the world

  1. Q.When can we expect our media to report such a achievement
    A. Never Ever
    But little do they realise that in general and deep down that the population are not stupid and deep down they know we have done exceptionally well and such is continually reinforced by Nicola at each briefing by thanking all of us for our significant efforts and sacrifice in this remarkable outcome
    Remember just like a Highly talented young footballer who’s skill and abilities are continually ignored by management
    Who will very quickly and at the 1st opportunity jump ship
    Just as the doubters and No voters shall jump with their vote cast at Holyrood 2021
    And in this matter our Foes are extremely
    Stupid indeed and more power to their wagging forked tongues
    But such are the actions of foes who are in desperate retreat with what is a lost cause now

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  2. Why does the BBC play down the numbers in England, while in Scotland they portray our, vastly better figures, as somehow next door to disaster?

    Answer? The BBC is a highly politicised, colonial broadcaster, which operates directly against the interests of Scotland, on behalf on London..

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  3. Is it possible that Russia has something to do with the reporting of covid19 data relating to England?

    “21 July notes
    The total number of tests made available has been revised since yesterday’s total after the following changes to the historical data:

    978 tests added to the pillar 1 cumulative total
    38,191 tests removed from the pillar 2 cumulative total
    66 tests added to the pillar 3 cumulative total
    The daily tests made available reported today have been added to this revised total rather than the total reported yesterday, so the cumulative total today is 37,147 lower than if you added the daily tests to yesterday’s total.”

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    1. Yes they are juggling with the data
      But they forgot that such figs are rather akin to grenades and one of them has The
      Bloody Pin Out



  4. Very satisfactory news, good to see NI and Ireland doing so well too. I feel bad for Wales after their good start – a lesson maybe to all of us that it takes continued hard work? I have to say, it does feel under control for now and if the number of infections are kept this low the track and trace system should work well and stop any winter ailments from becoming nasty.

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