NO surprise that Covid peak deaths among elderly hip patients were 3 times higher in New York hospital than in Glasgow

After our previous report on McArdle’s mean, grudging report in the Herald, we took time to have a look at the original research, from where our headline comes. The word ‘surprise’ does not appear anywhere:

In the Herald, McArdle writes:

The findings from the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow are understood to have surprised surgeons, who were expecting mortality this group of patients – who tend to be elderly – to be much higher than normal.

There is no quote with the word surprise.

‘Are understood to have surprised surgeons?’

Ah, investigative journalism at its most unconvincing.

Is this why she, if no one else, was surprised?

See that ‘surgeon’ singular? The evidence for this claim has not emerged. Is the surgeon another in-law of Anas Sarwar or a pal of John Beattie?

So making things up and hiding good news to suit their Unionist agenda? If that’s what you want, subscribe below:

Why were we not surprised? The Health Secretary, Jeane Freeman, led NHS Scotland in its strategy of ensuring PPE never ran out and that pausing elective surgery meant it was never overwhelmed.

Some credit?


2 thoughts on “NO surprise that Covid peak deaths among elderly hip patients were 3 times higher in New York hospital than in Glasgow”

  1. A medical fact
    A broken hip is a major injury to the Human body
    E.G. 1.Over 90% of broken hip patients over the age of 65 die within 1 year from such
    2. 55 to 65 yr olds their physical capabilities are now seriously impaired
    Going forward
    3.The vast majority of such injury occurs
    In the above two age groups
    So in conclusion that piece of so called journalism is Grossly Insulting to say the least
    Why because at 59 yrs of age I fell and slipped on black ice and shattered my left hip landing upon a cobbled surface resulting in 3 titanium rods inserted
    If ever I conversed face to face with this hack
    I would depart their company with a hard slap across their face


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