In the Herald today:

BUSINESS leaders have warned that the diverging paths that the UK and Scottish governments are taking over easing lockdown restrictions for companies could lead to job losses as Scottish firms are “caught in a vice” between two policies. While the Scottish Government has been hailed for its handling of the crisis north of the border there has been disquiet in some quarters after differences between timings for reopening businesses emerged between Scotland and England.

Readers will not be surprised to find little evidence of the ‘disquiet in some quarters’, actually presented here.

All the writer really has is Stuart Patrick of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce enjoying his wee vice catchphrase but then admitting that:

At this stage, we cannot tell. It is too early.

and that all he has in the way of evidence is a British Chambers of Commerce report coming out today but with no Scottish breakdown of the data or, perhaps, with not what her is hoping for.

I like especially the writer’s use of the phrase:

Gyms is [sic] one example…

I don’t like the obvious failure of the writer to consider what must be the most important factor. Might Scotland’s slower emergence from lock-down with the virus pushed to elimination and so a fuller return to normal than may be possible in England where it is not fully suppressed and where local spikes and further waves over the winter lead to brutal new lock-downs, with business shut down completely again, be better?


Another SFA story from the Herald to make you rush out there and support it?