NOT a spoof: US Army professor and founder of Scotland Institute damns Salmond and hurts my feelings!

Alex Salmond foolishly accepts a bugged tie from US Army Professor Azeem Ibrahim

You could make this up but invite a lot of sniggering. This is all true. It’s not one of my daft spoofs. Seriously!

Dr. Azeem Ibrahim, Research Professor at the Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College, and Director at the Center for Global Policy in Washington has popped up twice in two days, in the Scotsman, seven years after famously warning Scots, in 2013, that only the Royal Navy could save us from Russian subs penetrating our waters.

Honorary US Army officer, Prof Ibrahim, set-up the anti-independence group, the Scotland Institute, with Jackson Carlaw, Jo Swinson and Alistair Darling in 2013. Was that legal? Well, it turns out he is a Scot with an honorary doctorate from Glasgow Caley and founded a hedge fund. More here:

The SI is incredibly unproductive and appears to have published nothing since 2013 until the prof appeared yesterday and today in the Scotsman:

Today’s article is mostly a rewarmed version of the one yesterday warning us that:

An independent Scotland would be much more vulnerable to the designs of Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

For a research prof, Ibrahim offers little in the way of evidence. Most obviously, he does not tell us why his warnings do not seem to apply to wee Ireland, Norway or Denmark, titchy Iceland or the quite defenceless Faroes. He doesn’t mention the ‘broad shoulders’ of NATO. Wouldn’t we be under the protective umbrella of that organisation, like all the other wee countries?

Here’s his ‘best‘ evidence:

Meanwhile, a newly independent Scotland would already be closer to Russia’s sphere of influence through the various friendships cultivated between Russian influence agents and the SNP (remember the close ties between Alex Salmond and Russia Today, to name but the most well known example)

Doesn’t the pro-Union George Galloway balance the power at RT?

Are there any other examples?

Appeal from Professor John Robertson Inform Scotland

ME! What about me? I was on RT three times in 2014 and then on the Alex Salmond show, last week. I did notice in 2014 that they were a bit chummy, in sharp contrast to China Central and Canada something who were both a bit tetchy about ‘separatists’.

16 thoughts on “NOT a spoof: US Army professor and founder of Scotland Institute damns Salmond and hurts my feelings!

  1. Mother Russia. Our friends and ancient family. Da, da. And Maw? Naw.

    “DNA analysis of the Neolithic woman from Ballynahatty, near Belfast, reveals that she was most similar to modern people from Spain and Sardinia. But her ancestors ultimately came to Europe from the Middle East, where agriculture was invented.

    The males from Rathlin Island, who lived not long after metallurgy was introduced, showed a different pattern to the Neolithic woman. A third of their ancestry came from ancient sources in the Pontic Steppe – a region now spread across Russia and Ukraine.

    “There was a great wave of genome change that swept into [Bronze Age] Europe from above the Black Sea… we now know it washed all the way to the shores of its most westerly island,” said geneticist Dan Bradley, from Trinity College Dublin, who led the study.”

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  2. Some pro Union cultivation? More favourable to Scotland?

    “Hardeep Matharu
    Replying to
    6 members of the Cabinet + 8 junior ministers have received Russian-linked donations (The Times)”

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  3. “LONDON – For almost a decade, Alexander Temerko, who forged a career at the top of the Russian arms industry and had connections at the highest levels of the Kremlin, has been an influential figure in British politics. He’s one of the Conservative Party’s major donors. He counts Boris Johnson, the frontrunner to be Britain’s next PM, among his friends.”

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  4. Desperation
    As always displayed by any means as all former great colonial powers spontaneously go into uncontrolled convulsions as they finally collapse
    Upon the onset of their death throes
    History NEVER repeats
    It merely Echoes & Rhymes
    Know thy Foes

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  5. “Here I am, Comrades, speaking from my Dacha on the river Shannon. Our submarines are tied up at their facility in Dublin (black pool), and our sailors cavort with the locals in a most shameful way.

    Soon I go to our Laundromat in London town to the BIG auction there. I have a £20,000 bid in to get a “date” with big Ruthie, whose un-sylphlike shape reminds me of my Siberian Grannie. How I would love to see her……………………………………..*edited by the censor*.

    I also have a bid in for a tennis partner–I hope for Cameron or Johnson. But I have my “brown envelopes” in hand. Sometimes with the Tories it is best to be direct—and COUNT out the ten thousand advantages of doing business with us.
    I must go now, Comrades. Vlad is calling me for a bit of a wrestle–if you get my drift.”
    Kommissar Ludmila Kremlin.

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      1. Sam
        Re affairs
        It would of great assistance if any footage
        Of her performing a bodily function and it
        Raining down upon them
        After Putin smart enough to have such of the Great Donald without a brolly

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      2. The Donald though he would get a “Golden Shower” as a freebie from his hosts. Being a BIG pal with Vlad. And Kim. And Xi…and any other tin pot dictator he so admires.

        But he found he had to pay, and pay and pay………………………………..

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  6. It’s all about the security, lol. Scotland is sooo safe in US.UK hands why in a mother of sundays would she want her independence!

    Scotland. The guy with the tartan tie, the army prof looks like someone you can really really trust, not! Brrrrr. The longer social distancing carries on, the better in some cases.


  7. Tweets

    6 CabMins received Russian-linked donations of £5k-£58k
    •Robert Buckland
    •Simon Hart
    •Brandon Lewis
    •Alok Sharma
    •Rishi Sunak
    •Anne-Marie Trevelyan

    10 Junior Ministers

    2 newly appointed members of Intel&Sec Comm
    •Theresa Villiers £2k
    •Mark Pritchard £5k

    I suspect we can find another layer of declared “interests” like advisory board or paid reports etc… and then the rest, I don’t think Johnson declared the parties he attended as gift (and rude to ask the cost of the prostitutes that had to deal with him)

    I wonder how the Crime Minister fared on Bloody Orkney

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  8. This is much more his style – sybaritic parties given by rich Russian men.

    “But this was not, as openDemocracy made clear, about Katie Price. It was a story of judgement. What the hell was the Foreign Secretary doing at such a sybaritic event, as a guest of a Russian billionaire, the son of a former KGB agent no less, and why had he left his protection officers at home?

    Johnson’s friendship with Lebedev has long been causing disquiet in security circles.

    I have spoken to a former security services official who can “absolutely confirm that members of the intelligence services are aware and concerned” about Johnson’s behaviour. “We are really worried,” they said.

    This tallies with the account given by former BBC journalist John Sweeney, who claims to have two secret intelligence service sources who have told him that “MI6 was worried that Boris Johnson, when he was Foreign Secretary, was a security risk”.

    Johnson’s elevation to the premiership has only heightened those concerns. ”


  9. Flights and accommodation in Perugia paid for by the son of a former KGB man, 2014 and 2015.

    Lunch with Richard Desmond 2015 who also had lunch with Robert Jenryck (last year?) and then donated money to the Conservatives.


  10. Tweets.

    Russian Embassy, UK
    Why would @foreignoffice delete this tweet from 22 March?

    April 4, 2018
    The deleted tweet read: “Analysis by world-leading experts at the Defence Science and Technology laboratory at Porton Down made clear that this was a military grade nerve agent produced in Russia.”

    Good question. What’s the answer, boris?


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