In the Times today:

A leading scientific adviser has admitted failing to warn Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson “loudly enough” about the catastrophic impact Covid-19 would have on care homes when the pandemic hit Britain. Mark Woolhouse, an infectious disease epidemiologist at Edinburgh University, said the UK government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), underplayed the significance of protecting the elderly from a “disease of old age”.

Not only was the Scottish Government pressed into collaboration in the 4 Nations strategy dominated by the flawed herd immunity concept of Sir Patrick Valance and Dominic Cummings and the cold-blooded ‘take it on the chin’ philosophy of the PM but, also, it was not properly advised by SAGE, the UK scientific advisory group, of the need to lock-down until it was too late.

The tragic deaths of approaching 2 000 must be laid at the feet of the Conservative Government. This evidence clearly exonerates the Scottish Government from the accusations of responsibility that have been hurled at them by the opposition parties, the media and even those allegedly within the wider independence movement, such as the Common Weal in their deeply flawed report:

This is big news. Could it be bigger? The BBC and the Scottish press will be all over this.

I’ve looked. I see no sign.