Poison Pennington of Scotland in Subservient Union covert writing group returns to lie about the Treasury’s ‘generosity’

Pennington exterminating the E-coli folk in Wishaw

He’s back. In his 80s but still appearing every second day in the Herald/Scotsman Axis or on BBC Scotland, the Union has had no greater champion.

Writing from the Scotland in Union, 30-strong, undercover letter-writing group’s [Geheimnis Schreiben Gruppe or GSG] virtual bunker in his garden shed, Professor Pennington writes as, plain Hugh, in today’s Scotsman to tell us:

If Scotland was an EU member it is very likely that it would have been on the wrong side of the counter as well [with other countries worse affected] because our Covid-19 death rate has been significantly greater than any of them. In contrast, the UK treasury has been generous to a fault.

I know he’s getting on but I’m in my 70th year and can easily see what’s wrong with the thinking.

First, if we were an independent country within the EU we wouldn’t have been obliged in the early days of the pandemic to delay lock-down on the advice of ‘Herd Immunity Valance‘ so we’d have far fewer deaths.

Second, the money for the furlough scheme was borrowed and we’ll be paying our share of it back.

Third, as Kate Forbes correctly pointed out, as confirmed by the IFS and as Kevin Hague has accepted and apologised for, out of the billions allocated by the Chancellor to protect jobs, Scotland will only get £21 million.


20 thoughts on “Poison Pennington of Scotland in Subservient Union covert writing group returns to lie about the Treasury’s ‘generosity’

  1. Thanks John. For something completely different i thought your readers might enjoy this film released yesterday by The National Library of Scotland.

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    1. Do check it’s not in copyright! NLS image archive films are all pretty much in strict copyright so you can share the ref number of films, and general site but not specific films unfortunately. The STV or whatever they called themselves years ago, and BP ones and many more are not even available to watch for free….if at all…especially the ones about oil, but, some are and they are a real eye opener if only snippets of what has been done to Scotland in the past, well, 50-100 years really.


  2. With reference to an independent Scotland paying for the Covid costs i would refer your readers to Stephanie Kelton’s book, “The Deficit Myth” A sovereign state with its own currency can never run out of money. Prof Richard Murphy is currently running an excellent series of short videos on such topics on his site Tax research UK.

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    1. Pentlander, good shout – essential reading and watching for everyone. If we want to realise the true extent to which Westminster lies to us in nearly all things as regards the economy and by how much we are and have been screwed over, we need to get a broad understanding of how macro-economics works – it isn’t hard once you catch on and realise how much sense it makes.

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    2. Thirded… Since Sunak et al are about to try pulling the same horrific stunt again, Murphy’s short videos could not be better timed, and while people still have a habit of dismissing the “normal” media, no better medium…
      Making it easier to grasp in bite sized chunks to regain some public perspective is long overdue, if the volume of conversation builds to a crescendo sufficient to make the politicians flinch from letting bankers get away with blue murder yet again, so much the better…

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      1. “…the money for the furlough scheme was borrowed and we’ll be paying our share of it back.”
        For complete clarity let’s understand that the ‘borrowing’ is by the UK Treasury from the UK Central Bank, curiously still named the Bank of England. That is, the UK Government is ‘borrowing’ newly created money from itself. Theresa called it the magic money tree not long ago.
        The new money is created from nothing by a few keyboard strokes and may be annihilated just as easily by a similar number of strokes. Let’s forget about the matter of repayment. The concept just does not apply.

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  3. John
    Quite simply
    TELL him if he wishes to maintain his credibility to go and look at the data pertaining to a Nation that is Independent
    From a former colonial power, Not in the EU but is without doubt in comparative matters very similar to Scotland
    And that Country is Norway once governed by Sweeden
    Look at the data for both, then look at difference between as follows
    Total cases All nos./ million of population
    Norway 1666
    Scotland 3355
    England. 4581
    Total Deaths All nos./million
    Norway 47
    Scotland 453
    England 734
    Only a bloody eejit would only mount a vain attempt to dedeaba
    Know thy Foe
    And the above figs.Scream tis ENGLAND
    Why because if you apply the figs.for Norway to Scotland not only are England the Foe but a Bloody lethal one

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  4. If uk borrows £21 BILLION for covid aid, Scotland gets £21 Million, and Scotland is liable for, what, 8.5% ? of £21 BILLION, are we not effectively paying money FOR covid?


    1. Slicker, see William Henderson’s post above. The UK Gov (the Treasury) effectively borrowed the money from itself by running an overdraft at the Bank of England, which it also owns 100%. Why would it want to repay hard cash to itself when a simple bookkeeping entry will eliminate the Bank’s asset (the loan to the Gov) and the Gov’s liability (its borrowing)?


  5. A propos of nothing very much (just unstuck myself from the floor) I see there are a lot of dead cats, squirrels and running hares today.

    We were on a tour of The National Library shortly after 2016.My attention straying, I noticed a book with the intriguing title,”Forty years of Shite”. It was about the England football team.

    I told Jane of this over lunch. We agreed that a book about the Scottish football team, published at the same time, should be called, “Thirty Nine Years of Shite”. Anyone seen it.

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  6. “azir afzal
    Govt: We saw no evidence of interference in EU referendum
    – Did you look for it?
    Govt:No we didn’t need to
    – But where you looked eg Scottish Referendum, you found it
    Govt: Move on
    – Why did you take Russian donor money?
    Govt: Not relevant

    – We’re being played aren’t we”

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    1. Yup.

      And the timing of the release of the report is interesting too, and the media’s excessive interest in it.

      In the news where they are (I didn’t hear it in the news where I am anyway), it appears that the voting in Westminster yesterday turned out a majority against allowing devolved nations a choice in protecting their NHSs against private overseas competition, and against allowing devolved nations a say in any regulations pertaining to devolved affairs:


      And so it begins,,,

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    2. I admit that my reading of the Russia report has been ‘quick’ but the references to Scotland and the 2014 referendum are very brief – a few lines and a footnote with details of one, yes just one, source of ‘evidence’.

      There is no evidence presented that I have found of ‘interference’ – attempted or successful – in the conduct of the referendum up to the time of the count.

      There is a claim that Russian actors attempted – AFTER the referendum – to undermine the legitimacy of the result: it is claimed that Russian actors promoted claims that there were serious irregularities with the count.

      The only source given is to something written by a guy called Ben Nimmo. He seems to argue that the purpose of the effort was aimed at undermining the reputation of the UK state with the Russian population.

      This is a profile of Nimmo according to Craig Murray:



  7. Well, look here.Our intrepid UK government made its reply early to the Security Committee’s Russia report.

    Click to access HMG_Russia_Response_web_accessible.pdf

    “We do this [defend our country – which one?] through a cross-Government Russia Strategy and structures that combine the UK’s diplomatic, intelligence and military capabilities, its hard and soft power to maximum effect. We act in concert with out allies, seeking to lead the West’s collective response to hybrid threats to our societies and values. This includes concerted campaigns to counter disinformation, as well as to bear down on illicit finance, combat influence operations, and fend off cyber-attacks. ”

    That should make us feel secure then until, perhaps, you read the main points of the Security Committee report in a small local paper.

    “Here are some of its key findings and arguments:

    – Russian influence in the UK is the ‘new normal’

    ISC members said there were many Russians with “very close links” to President Vladimir Putin who are “well integrated into the UK business and social scene”.

    They warned that building links with Russian companies and “welcoming oligarchs with open arms” had been “counter-productive” and led to “illicit finance” flowing through London – dubbed a money “laundromat” and “Londongrad”.

    Such is the integration of Russian influence, particularly in the capital, that the British Government’s actions to tackle it would not be “preventative” but rather represent “damage limitation”.

    – Russia represents an ‘established threat’

    The UK was described as one of Russia’s “top Western intelligence targets” for “disinformation campaigns and political influence operations” in the ISC report.

    It argued that the murder of Alexander Litvinenko in 2006 showed that Russia had moved from “potential partner to established threat” under Mr Putin.”

    You know deep in your heart that it would be a waste of resources to investigate any of that. Let’s just ignore it?


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