Pennington exterminating the E-coli folk in Wishaw

He’s back. In his 80s but still appearing every second day in the Herald/Scotsman Axis or on BBC Scotland, the Union has had no greater champion.

Writing from the Scotland in Union, 30-strong, undercover letter-writing group’s [Geheimnis Schreiben Gruppe or GSG] virtual bunker in his garden shed, Professor Pennington writes as, plain Hugh, in today’s Scotsman to tell us:

If Scotland was an EU member it is very likely that it would have been on the wrong side of the counter as well [with other countries worse affected] because our Covid-19 death rate has been significantly greater than any of them. In contrast, the UK treasury has been generous to a fault.

I know he’s getting on but I’m in my 70th year and can easily see what’s wrong with the thinking.

First, if we were an independent country within the EU we wouldn’t have been obliged in the early days of the pandemic to delay lock-down on the advice of ‘Herd Immunity Valance‘ so we’d have far fewer deaths.

Second, the money for the furlough scheme was borrowed and we’ll be paying our share of it back.

Third, as Kate Forbes correctly pointed out, as confirmed by the IFS and as Kevin Hague has accepted and apologised for, out of the billions allocated by the Chancellor to protect jobs, Scotland will only get £21 million.