After three days of increased infection levels of around 20 new cases per day, the rate appeared to fall back to the prior level of around 7 but then yesterday climbed to 22.

While even these remain extremely low in comparison to that in England, between 900 (PHE) and 1 700 (ONS) per day, uneducated media commentators have delighted in seeing in them suggestions of spikes which might then be attributed to SG failures of some kind.

Professor Bauld and the Tusker have suggested increased testing may have played a part but another explanation seems worthy of investigation.

Of the 22 cases recorded yesterday, 14 were in the Lanarkshire call centre, owned and staffed by the global corporation Sitel, and working on test tracing for NHS England.

Taking those 14 out, we then have two days of case levels below 10 and perhaps evidence that community infection remains very low in Scotland and low enough for the recent lock-down changes.

The spread of the 14 cases within the Motherwell call centre may well be due to failures to adhere to social distancing and hygiene procedures of the kind that led to a police investigation of their Plymouth site:

However, the arrival of the virus in the centre may, in the first place, be due to the kind of movement between sites typical of middle and senior management in corporations. I’ve seen no evidence of this but it is a plausible explanation. We saw something similar in the Nike conference in Edinburgh and in the staff deployment used by HC-One to infect the Skye care home.