A musical diversion to piss in the wind and imagine ten million dune buggies ?

I’ve done this before and readership for the post tends to be modest but, hey, lots of bloggers do this, indulge themselves, so why not me, at my age?

Anyhoo, there are wider political reflections here.

If you’re not ‘into’ Neil Young you might not know of his darker, deeper side. On the 1974 album, there are two ‘blues’ – ‘Revolution’ and ‘Ambulance’. The second finishes with advice which could today be for those nice Labour supporters clinging to the hope of a fairer Britain:

For Sir Starmer:

I never knew a man
Could tell so many lies
He had a different story
For every set of eyes
How can he remember
Who he’s talkin’ to?
‘Cause I know it ain’t me
And I hope it isn’t you

And for still Labour folk:

You’re all just pissin’
In the wind
You don’t know it but you are

And there ain’t nothin’
Like a friend
Who can tell you
You’re just pissin’
In the wind

Revolution Blues is an attack on those creative, affluent, middle-class hippies who gathered in places like Laurel Canyon in California to sing songs of love and peace then start-up IT companies, gather their wealth and forget all about the poor living only miles from them.

In this brutal darkly-ironic identification with those other ‘children’ like Manson’s ‘Family’, Young writes:

Revolution Blues”

Well, we live in a trailer
at the edge of town
You never see us

’cause we don’t come around.
We got twenty five rifles
just to keep
the population down.
But we need you now,
and that’s why
I’m hangin’ ’round.
So you be good to me
and I’ll be good to you,
And in this land of conditions
I’m not above suspicion
I won’t attack you,
but I won’t back you.

Well, it’s so good to be here,
asleep on your lawn.

Remember your guard dog?
Well, I’m afraid
that he’s gone.
It was such a drag
to hear him

whining all night long.
Yes, that was me with the doves,
setting them free
near the factory
Where you built your computer,
I hope you get the connection,
’cause I can’t take
the rejection
I won’t deceive you,
I just don’t believe you.

Well, I’m a barrel of laughs,
with my carbine on

I keep ’em hoppin’,
till my ammunition’s gone.
But I’m still not happy,
I feel like
there’s something wrong.
I got the revolution blues,
I see bloody fountains,

And ten million dune buggies
comin’ down the mountains.
Well, I hear that Laurel Canyon
is full of famous stars,
But I hate them worse than lepers
and I’ll kill them
in their cars.

9 thoughts on “A musical diversion to piss in the wind and imagine ten million dune buggies ?”

  1. If not a fan of The Late
    Leonard (not that labour buffon )
    Cohen suggest you partake if his poetry
    And songs
    Many a subliminal message theirin
    Ditto for Pink Floyd
    With Dark side of the Moon
    And Another brick in the wall
    The latter That Trump supporters would not appreciate as they listened to and realised that they are the only bricks in his wall

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  2. There is a line in Mike Scott’s song ‘Old England is Dying’


    that keeps swirling around my brain

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  3. Its OK.
    Sir Keir is to go for re-education.
    It wont include Scotland, or that his name-sake favoured Dominion status for Scotland, but what he should be told is that Labour is finished in Scotland.
    2021 will decide our future, one that no longer includes the Tories or their Red and Yellow helpers.

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    1. Gavinochilltree
      You do know indeed know the foes
      And even given them a colour code
      Which i recommend we call as such from now
      Because they way past the point of referring to them as to what they stupidly believe they are and whom they represent
      I.E .Never attach the word Scottish to them
      They are not worthy of such
      Know thy Foe

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  4. Love Neil Young’s music, a genius, one of a few in music. My dad used to get my older bro to play NY quite loudly, I know the words very well. I expect he still has the LP’s. The covers were always great too.

    Starmer has the gift of the gab, and not even much of a gift. He is red Tory, if even that. People in England are the ones needing new political parties, genuine people (social democratic) parties but it’ll never happen. They are condemned to a Tory government for a very long time to come, ever more fascist, and so are we if we don’t get the hell out ASAP.

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  5. Wonderful record. I have loved his music since I first heard Cinnamon Girl in 1969. Thanks for posting that…need to give it a listen now. Keep up your excellent work.


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