Writer at large and off his trolley?

Comparing the SNP to a French high-wire artist, walking between the Twin Towers in 1974, The Herald’s ‘Writer at Large’ stumbles and falls again, more a circus clown than a mental gymnast?

Here’s the gist:

On social media, Mackay will be getting it. I won’t join in other than to suggest a new title – ‘Writer off his trolley?

So, massive popularity for the leader and the party, in repeated polls, opposition parties in comic disarray, a pandemic controlled with a masterful display of competence, majority support for closing the border…..’a sense of mounting calamity?’

Really? Really? I know it’s just click-bait journalism but really?

10 thoughts on “Writer at large and off his trolley?”

  1. I agree with your one word summary! Really?!

    I think, if anything, Covid has demonstrated to a wider audience that we CAN make our own decisions. And this has been done without making it about Independence, but about SCOTLAND. It has to be noticed that when Nicola Sturgeon reports that the numbers are falling she looks pleased and relieved, not triumphant and smug.

    I do have a sense of unease – but not about some ludicrous ‘tightrope act’ by ScotGov. My concern is that it’s looking increasingly like, if necessary, Westminster would be quite happy to use the purse-strings to ‘starve us into submission’. That sounds a bit melodramatic doesn’t it?

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    1. Starve us to submission
      No doubts whatsoever
      They have considerable form in that
      In India and Ireland
      And only very recently in the Brexit fiasco
      A tory MP actually asked for Ireland to be starved in order to force them to yield on The Good Friday Border protocols
      Know thy foe
      Let them try
      Tis they that in the end that would throwing the meat
      Of their own plate
      We hold the Aces and they bloody well know it
      We just need to play them properly by the correct means at the right time
      All just as Nicola is currently doing splendidly
      Let them play their Deuces for that is all they hold now
      And they know that
      They are a fatally wounder cornered bear now
      Be careful their claws are sharp
      Know Thy Foe

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    2. the EngGov will indeed take that road if required in a way thyey were sanctioning Scotland by instructing PPE companies not to supply Scotland with living saving equipment. See what’s happening in Venezuela for what these fascist countries are capable of, the US are destroying the whole system of government with sanctions, as well as other bullying tactics, because it’s oil rich and has a democratically elected government, of the left of centre.

      The US’ coup failed, so they are strangling the life out of Venezuela and their people, quite literelly, starving people and also denying them essential meds. The UN should be onto it, but scarily, they are the rWorld seem to be totally accepting of it, terrifying in fact. they have elections coming up. See what’s happening there via this site, mostly very good analysis.

      I do wonder if, on a smaller scale, Scotland is also being taken down this route, and will be portrayed as a rogue state, it’s what the UKUS (USUK!) do to countries when they want to get their resources and they show no mercy.


      I’m off to tend my courgettes for some sanity, if the nettles’ root system underneath argh, hasn’t killed them all.

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      1. Re.Venezeula
        China now counteracting US in a very clever way
        USA thought the stealth F35 was invincible
        But China had developed a complete new type of radar and unbeknown to any
        The J31 radar was dispatched to Venezuela and approx 1 month ago
        It picked up a US F35 ( same one UK carriers equipped with )
        About to enter their Sovereign air space
        A message was sent out to the pilot that there were now 4 SAMS locked onto him
        And if he did not alter course he would shot down immediately
        No need to tell you what the pilot did
        Pentagon shocked to the core that not only was their aircraft spotted so far out
        But it would appear that the radar is coupled to highly lethal SAMS and computer linked in for Auto release
        The message was clear and simple
        We can now see your most advanced warplane and not only that but can shoot you down
        China is a benevolent force in World affairs and is on the cusp of bringing a end to USA & $ Hegomony
        What you are witnessing now is China is about to Engage the USA in a most serious economic war and one that Trump
        Foolishly started
        China gave him plenty of warning when Trump fired the 1 st salvo
        That China WILL NOT LOSE

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  2. Boris: a failed attempt to prorogue parliament; sacking a slew of experienced old Tory MPs from the party–because they oppose Brexit; suck up to Trump; a snake-oil Covid policy (non-policy?), following the guidance of Dr Cummings: suck up to Trump; put slithery Gove in as Gov General of Scotland, Wales and N Ireland; suck up to Trump; pick the Tory MPs on the security committee and try to select the, supposedly independent, Chair; throw a wobbly when your choice fails and sling out of the party, the Tory MP who wins.
    Many dead, many dying, but Trump now on-side (and claiming the glory).

    Or Nicola Surgeon—-doing a great job in difficult circumstances. No deaths for a week.

    That makes it a BIG, BIG dilemma for the Herod scribblers. Who can be truthful—or not!

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  3. I Know MacKay has sunk to the level of Clown Journalist, but some years ago he authored “The War on Truth”, a major effort on how Blair and Bush had managed to get the war in Iraq started. It was a good piece of work…… The book that is not the bleeding war!

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    1. The man is a talented writer, no doubt.
      So, why this low grade stuff, which he will can churn out in seconds?
      Why always “I want indy….BUT……”.

      Like the rest of the “Scottish” media pack, there are (quite rightly)questions for the SNP, but never, ever, for the Brit Nat government.
      A question for Hi Jack? That would be a first.

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