There is no evidence for a second peak in Scotland

Second peak, second peak, second peak!

Click and read on but warnings of any second peak ‘in Scotland’ as promised above, are not there:

Try that one bottom-right there, and you get:

Coronavirus in Scotland? Are we still there? Michelle Roberts?

Let’s see if we know the scientists? Sridhar? Bauld? Pennington?

Nope. Sir Patrick Vallance commissioned the research from Prof Stephen Holgate, a respiratory specialist from University Hospital Southampton NHS Trust and they came up with this modelled scary image:

Graph showing possible winter death tolls in UK hospitals

Matt Hancock gets a mention but England is never mentioned so it must be based on UK-wide data. Yes? No.

I wonder, if they had modelled things using just the Scottish data, you know, with single-figure infections rates, one twentieth only of those in England and death rates near to zero, infinitely lower than in England, would that peak still be there? Nope.

Are BBC Scotland just crap at doing their job or are they trying to make us feel included in England’s nightmare?

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20 thoughts on “There is no evidence for a second peak in Scotland”

  1. On the radio this morning a news headline was ‘police Scotland has FAILED to hand out any fines for people not wearing face coverings over the weekend’

    Failed? Wow, that was some effort to put into a potential morale boosting story to make it into a ‘well there you go, look how shit Scotland is’ story. Perhaps the police struggled to find people not complying with the face covering rule – there was an instant change last Friday of people wearing face coverings and it appears to be widespread.

    The rumours now are that having had the virus doesn’t confer immunity for long, also that it might have been around last year, and that it is airborne in certain environments. The only way to reduce the risk is to eliminate it. If it isn’t eliminated – which will likely mean strict border controls in Scotland, because we are well on the way ourselves – then there is a potential second wave.

    People going abroad on holidays? I’m not impressed.

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      1. Here is one for them to find
        Jacob Rees Great Grandfather wrote a letter to The Times whilst Colonisation of Tasmania was encountering stiff Indigenous Aboriginal resistance
        The Gist of his letter was to urge on the Genocide that was under way to rid them of the troublesome locals The numbers
        Exterminated (and not by the Daleks) was
        Considerable and possibly exceeded 1 million which was not enough or quick enough for dear old Great Grandpa
        And along the lines that such primitive and savage peoples can not be allowed to
        Interfere in the civilisation of the world by
        The British Empire
        Such is the blood that courses the veins
        Of one our most serious of our Foes

        Know thy Foe
        Turn every stone under which they lurk under
        Know who lay in their bed last night
        And what they partook of at breakfast this morn


  2. Just read in ‘off Guardian’ that the whole pandemic is a hoax, designed it appears I think the gist of it being, to control people. NHS Eng anon consultant, says it’s all fake, staff are gagged from speaking out,they are twiddling their thumbs, and their hospital is all but empty. Blimey, the comments are something to behold as well. People really really don’t want to wear masks in England either. Jeez.

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    1. I wasn’t aware of the conspiracy theories until I googled it. God, the world is full of zoomers. Everything from world domination by Bill Gates to weakening immune systems by wearing masks, thereby rendering the general population extra vulnerable to foreign invasion. The nonsense peddled is scarier than the virus itself. Stay safe, don’t read crap. You know it makes sense.

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      1. It is certainly disturbing, the article title was misleading, and it doesn’t take long to see it’s not quite as it suggested. Had to read on, jaw dropping stuff, comments and all. There are some crazy folk out there, for sure!


      1. 2nd Wave . . . . Spike

        Isn’t that what the BBC have been trying to create in Scotland.

        What with Kay Adams Morning Moanin inviting listeners to go shopping, what have you been buying, get their hair cut, have a drink in a beer garden.

        News bulletins have even led with reporters in shopping centres .

        On Radio4, 5 to 6pm I’ve heard medical expert recently talking up benefits if wearing facemasks.
        Radio Scotland gives you Pennington rubbishing their effectiveness.

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  3. You ask “Are BBC Scotland just crap at doing their job or are they trying to make us feel included in England’s nightmare?”
    The latter, without doubt. Also, all the talk recently about NS closing the border and placing all the odium for this on the Scottish side sidesteps the real issue. Unless the hidden agenda is the inclusion of Scotland’s inhabitants in England’s nightmare, England should surely be considering the imposition of cross-border travel restrictions to prevent unnecessary spread of the disease to a relatively clean area to its north.

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  4. Re spike
    Here is a most valid statistical reason for it
    Up to Wed.8th July Scotland on ave.conducting approx 4-5 K Tests /day
    But on Thurs.9th July 10068 no.tests
    Friday 18 new infections
    And 17573 Tests
    Sat.11 July 7 new infections And 9300 tests
    Sun.12th July 19 new infections and 11441 tests
    Mon.13th July 6 new infections
    And back to normal tests 4473
    But in same 5 day period ZERO deaths
    In fact such points to a actual and considerable drop in the prevalence of the virus in the community
    Someone in the Scottish Government is very clever indeed by somehow ramping up considerably for a few days the test order to
    Gain a most accurate figure as to the prevalence of the virus generally
    Such enables you to enact more finely tuned decisions in a more appropriate manner that spooks no one other than the deranged MSM Unionist mad dogs
    Well Paplov understood mad dogs did he not

    Draw your own conclusion but I think the
    Answer stares you in the face

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    1. Thanks Scott. This is an amazing revelation – so the monarch does not need to be asked to agree, does not need even to be informed in advance that the power of the monarch is to used, not even when politics are involved!

      From the article you link to:

      ‘Labor leader Anthony Albanese, Australia’s opposition leader, said the 1975 crisis reinforced the need for an Australian head of state instead of the British monarch.

      “It is, I think, a blight on our character as a nation that a democratically-elected government was dismissed,” Albanese said.

      “The action of the governor-general on November 11 to dismiss a government, to put himself above the Australian people, is one that reinforces the need for us to have an Australian head of state, reinforces the need for us to stand on our own two feet,” he added.”

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      1. So who would have the authority in the UK, to dissolve a democratically elected government? The PM? Did the queen really not know in advance, I bet she would know if it happened now. Very interesting and disturbing, why they still have her as head of state is just bizarre.

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  5. The Outpost’s mission is to convince Scots that we are simply an extension of Greater England and that we are reliant on the benificence of Westminster. Logically it follows that we can’t possibly be in any way ‘better’ than either Greater England and specifically Westminster. So, no matter what the objective evidence suggests, the narrative must always be congruent with the mission objective.

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  6. UK.Gov
    Lots like as of today the figs for new cases
    As / corona dash board on UK.Gov site
    They are to trickery again
    They report 291373 no of infections
    Yesterday 290133. Which is +1240 no
    But dashboard days only 398 new infections and England has 372 no of the 398
    World meters info confirm nos of 291373
    And a daily increase of 1240 no.
    Not the 398 no.the UK.Gov states
    This happened also a few weeks past in exactly in the same manner then was corrected by a big spike in nos.after 7 days
    They once more manipulating data for their own ends but will correct later when it suits them
    The Bastards know full well the game they are playing
    Me thinks they deliberately and temporarily massaging the infection spread in the community to avoid any more isolated lock downs such as Leciester
    This represents 842 no.infections not stated in 1 day
    Scotland has only 3 cases today


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