Second peak, second peak, second peak!

Click and read on but warnings of any second peak ‘in Scotland’ as promised above, are not there:

Try that one bottom-right there, and you get:

Coronavirus in Scotland? Are we still there? Michelle Roberts?

Let’s see if we know the scientists? Sridhar? Bauld? Pennington?

Nope. Sir Patrick Vallance commissioned the research from Prof Stephen Holgate, a respiratory specialist from University Hospital Southampton NHS Trust and they came up with this modelled scary image:

Graph showing possible winter death tolls in UK hospitals

Matt Hancock gets a mention but England is never mentioned so it must be based on UK-wide data. Yes? No.

I wonder, if they had modelled things using just the Scottish data, you know, with single-figure infections rates, one twentieth only of those in England and death rates near to zero, infinitely lower than in England, would that peak still be there? Nope.

Are BBC Scotland just crap at doing their job or are they trying to make us feel included in England’s nightmare?

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