UK Government graph reveals Scotland’s relative infection level to be invisibly small!

This UK Government graph shared with me by a regular feeder of The Tusker who wishes to remain anon, inadvertently reveals the extent to which Scotland has repressed the virus and the failure in England & Wales to do the same.

The vertical scale of the graph to allow the full horror of our situation at the peak in April, as the Scottish Government began its tough lock-down to save lives, makes that clear.

Also, clear is the relative insignificance of the infection levels in Scotland thereafter as the numbers become too small to show and the worrying persistence of the infection in England and in Wales.

7 thoughts on “UK Government graph reveals Scotland’s relative infection level to be invisibly small!”

  1. Given the way the Scottish and Irish data are placed at the head of the histogram bars, the British Nationalist media in Scotland will claim that this shows that the figures in Scotland really are the ‘tip of an iceberg’.

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    1. I have no wish to plead on behalf of commercial care home operators. However, the provision of care home services is a hugely import topic. It is important to assess how they have performed in providing the safest possible environments for their residents (clients) during the coronavirus pandemic. The TuSC has a good record of doing this so far.

      The Guardian article is indeed a good one – well researched, using multiple sources. And yes the key source that prompted the Guardian article is new research into care homes and Covid-19 in the NHS Lothians health board area.

      The full paper can be read here:

      Click to access 2020.07.09.20149583v1.full.pdf

      IMHO the comment “commercial operators cutting corners and dodgy staffing practices” fails to express fully or properly the findings of this detailed and enlightening research!

      Three things stand out for me from this Lothians paper:

      (i) the highly variable nature of Covid-19 infections and deaths in care homes – most homes had none and a small number accounted for most;

      (ii) the authors’ conclude that it is the SIZE of a care home (number of beds) that correlates statistically with Covid-19 mortality within the sector in the Lothians. There are, as the paper notes, inevitable operational ‘issues’ around care home that arise just as a consequence of having large facilities;

      (iii) despite a thorough examination of a host of variables in order to understand the patterns of infection and mortality rates, the one variant the paper does NOT mention is discharge of patients from hospital to a care home. Notable by omission!

      There is a lot of very interesting material in this paper (yet to be peer reviewed I think). Presumably BBC Scotland will be telling us about the findings soon! There is a lot to tell.


  2. I do think the graph is designed to be deliberately misleading as at first glance it appears England’s mortality rate is consistently lower than of the other home nations with Wales being the worst. A deliberate ploy to confuse? There’s evidence that many people don’t read past the headline and opening few lines of articles and without reading the details the figures show a better performing England.


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