Professor Hugh Pennington

In the Scotsman yesterday, plain ‘Hugh Pennington’ now claims he’s a virologist though he’s a bacteriologist everywhere else and writes a letter of such simple inaccuracy you wonder if maybe it’s from another Hugh Pennington or if he’s not well.

He opens with:

‘As a virologist and someone with a bit of experience of outbreak investigation’ he tells us it’s too soon to judge the success or otherwise of the Scottish strategy.

He’s not a virologist. Does he feel the need to pretend to be one in case readers know the difference? Experience of what viral outbreak? The small-scale E-coli bacterial outbreak in a Motherwell butcher, a quarter of a century ago? Too soon? Down to single figure infection levels for several weeks now and zero deaths for several days. What more do we need to do?

Then astonishingly, he tries to use the 18 cases on Friday to suggest something which he, we and any damn fool knows, a one day variation cannot do. Was he praying for a surge there? It was back down at 6 cases on Monday and the 7 day average remains in single figures. What on earth is he trying to achieve here. Does Scotland in Union have a quota system for letter-writing?