Now Scotland in Union’s leading professor goes undercover to argue Scotland has achieved little

Professor Hugh Pennington

In the Scotsman yesterday, plain ‘Hugh Pennington’ now claims he’s a virologist though he’s a bacteriologist everywhere else and writes a letter of such simple inaccuracy you wonder if maybe it’s from another Hugh Pennington or if he’s not well.

He opens with:

‘As a virologist and someone with a bit of experience of outbreak investigation’ he tells us it’s too soon to judge the success or otherwise of the Scottish strategy.

He’s not a virologist. Does he feel the need to pretend to be one in case readers know the difference? Experience of what viral outbreak? The small-scale E-coli bacterial outbreak in a Motherwell butcher, a quarter of a century ago? Too soon? Down to single figure infection levels for several weeks now and zero deaths for several days. What more do we need to do?

Then astonishingly, he tries to use the 18 cases on Friday to suggest something which he, we and any damn fool knows, a one day variation cannot do. Was he praying for a surge there? It was back down at 6 cases on Monday and the 7 day average remains in single figures. What on earth is he trying to achieve here. Does Scotland in Union have a quota system for letter-writing?

13 thoughts on “Now Scotland in Union’s leading professor goes undercover to argue Scotland has achieved little”

  1. “Does Scotland in Union have a quota system for letter-writing?” – Probably, or some form of league table with a monthly prize awarded points for volume and quality…
    So Poison Pennington is now claiming to be a “virologist”, perhaps the standards committees may care to look at professional misconduct ?

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  2. All akin to a finger in the bursting cracking
    Walls of The Unionist Dam in vain attempts to hold back the rising waters and pressure exerted upon the crumbling
    I am sending the Hon.Prof. a membership form for The Flat Earth Society

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  3. When you have lived so long, facts can get muddled up with wishful thinking.
    Virologist/Bacteriologist—almost the same thing—if you squint hard enough!
    Sometimes two colours of socks appear on your feet, as if by magic. Muddle, muddle, muddle!

    No do not blame Pennington—its way past his bed time. Blame those in the media who exploit his confusion and………muddle. And print his letters.

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    1. Two different socks? Always, to suggest I’m the kind of dude who does not give a, for bourgeios affectations.

      You can squint hard enough to see a virus? I’d find a bacterium difficult.


      1. John, you are our Guru.

        You would not be expected to wear socks with your sandals.

        You would live on a remote mountaintop, with no means of sustenance.

        Carlot and Leotard would be sent for Enlightenment, and as their Karma was played out, Nirvana would be at hand.

        Or….you could get the same effect by going to the pub!


      2. To be fair to the Prof, and as some one who has worked in a Medical Microbiology lab for nigh on four decades, Consultants will cover both the Bacteriology and Virology sections of the department. He hasn’t covered himself in glory here, but he can credibly call himself both a Bacteriologist and Virologist.

        PS a bacterium is absolutely massive compared to a virus. You can see bacteria down a standard microscope. You need an electron microscope to see a virus.


  4. Not only is ‘Poison’ Pennington (love it!) a notorious uber-British Nationalist, whose views on Scotland are very well known, it’s now becoming very clear that he is unable to tolerate not having his name in the media.


  5. With greater testing, more cases are discovered, such as the seven people in the Glasgow care home who have tested positive for Covid-19, but are asymptomatic. However, in the context of the previous level of infection and in the context of the wider population, figures of 18 or 19 new cases in a day are almost insignificant (although not for those infected!)

    President Trump tried to imply that the fact that testing identified more cases meant that it CAUSED more cases. Ergo, stop testing and stop infection!!! Simple isn’t it????

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