Leading anti-SNP group must sack their top health expert as he predicts complete success for SNP Government’s Covid strategy

In the Herald yesterday, we heard from Scotland in Union‘s only health expert that he is confident the Scottish Government’s strategy will ‘see off‘ the virus by the end of the year. The Herald’s health correspondent, Helen McArdle, had clearly hoped the professor would be more pessimistic after the massive spike in cases on Friday taking it up to a tiny fragment of that in England and the evidence of the SNP Government failing to get cases down to zero for some weeks now.

Professor of bacteriology, Hugh Pennington’s comments in the Herald stand in stark contrast to those of the virologist Hugh Pennington, in the Scotsman on the same day. Pennington, the second one, insists it’s ‘too early‘ to call the SNP strategy a success.

The Pennington twins’ sponsor, Scotland in Union, has reportedly had an emergency meeting to consider putting one or both of them out to grass and to seek a replacement. No particular knowledge, of anything really, will be necessary.

22 thoughts on “Leading anti-SNP group must sack their top health expert as he predicts complete success for SNP Government’s Covid strategy”

      1. As I said on a previous thread, as a Microbiologist, the Prof can credibly call himself both a Bacteriologist and a Virologist. He could even call himself a Parasitologist as Medical Microbiology labs cover that too. He may up to shenanigans in his support of Scotland in Union, but he is not pretending to be something he is not in regards to his former profession.


  1. This a fine example of what may be termed
    Complete and utter disparages within the ranks
    Such demonstrates a Foe on the run,lacking in quality personnel,poor leadership,complete lack of command and control,along with a critical shortage of ammunition
    Expect a re group,New High command and deployment of Political WMD,s
    To bolster their defences and minimise their rapidly depleting standing in the polls

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  2. Pennington twins may have it both ways if some distinction is not made between plastic face shields and coverings for nose and mouth in scot gov’s regulations.
    Increasingly I see interviews in shops where the staff are in plastic face shields but no masks.
    The face shield offers no protection from aerosol transmission and the staff will be in the shop for extended periods.
    Droplets can escape through the space under the chin.

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    1. That’s unfortunate. As a partially deaf person relying a lot on lip-reading and facial expression, shopping has been a lot more difficult recently if staff wear masks.
      I was really pleased to see staff in M&S and Boots in a retail area in NW Edinburgh wearing visors.
      Any suggestions for a face covering which allows lipreading but is not dangerous?
      I also miss the smiles from many strangers when out walking as a lot of people now wear masks just when out and about.

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      1. I think not spreading the virus is more important for the majority than lip reading for the few . Perhaps displaying text might be the answer


      2. No matter what the whole of humanity
        And civilisation is with this terrible virus for ever
        And in for us to adapt and socially evolve
        In order to live with it
        Then it is of the utmost importance that
        We all work together no matter who what and where we are
        Love and compassion conquers all
        But to hell and away with those who refuse to join
        Ignore them completely then i assure all
        They will wither and die


      3. You can buy masks with see thru window for lip readers. Also, re smiling, I still smile with my mask on, people can tell, the eyes smile too. Will post link to company re masks when on my other device. Visors alone do not protect, need masks as well.


  3. How bizarre indeed, the daily right wing rags wouldn’t be using the guy by making it all up would they? Looks like someone wants to confuse people, maybe Johnson and Gove are writing the daily rags articles to punt out to the people of Scotland.

    Such ‘dithering’ could cost lives, but that would be the cherry on the top of the faux story makers’ cakes.

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    1. Thanks but the problem is that it’s other people I need to wear them, not myself! Also, while it’s not a life or death matter, I’m not sure that everyone réalisés the isolation that can result from not understanding what others are saying, made worse during this lockdown if you live alone as I do.
      Any interaction with others, including just a smile, makes a huge difference.

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  4. Smells fishy to me…

    The problem is this virus cannot accurately be predicted. For example, we could have it under control pretty well and things back to some sort of normal, but all it could take is something like one asymptomatic person causing a superspreading event (e.g. in a pub or flight) and games a bogey.

    So to me, sounds like the esteemed Pennington SiU could be laying a trap to refer back to in future… ‘they could have had it under control you know, but they haven’t, SNP-bad’

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