Health workers in England and Wales more than twice as likely to die from Covid-19 as those in Scotland

The Thursday evening clap for carers, seen here at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow, became a fixture in the weekly diary of many people

Amnesty International has reported:

Amnesty has collated and analysed a wide range of available data showing that more than 3,000 health workers have died after contracting COVID-19 in 79 countries, though the figure is likely to be a significant underestimate due to under-reporting. According to Amnesty’s monitoring, the countries with the highest numbers of health worker deaths thus far, are: Russia (545), UK (England and Wales: 540, including 262 social care workers), USA (507), Brazil (351), Mexico (248), Italy (188), Egypt (111), Iran (91), Ecuador (82) and Spain (63).

Typically Anglocentric, London-based Amnesty, did not think to check the Scottish data nor even to ask their Scottish branch to do it for them. It took me 10 seconds to find this:

Deaths of health and social care workers related to COVID-19

As at 7 July, we have been notified by Health Boards or the Care Inspectorate of 7 deaths of healthcare workers and 13 deaths of social care workers, related to COVID-19.

The population of England & Wales is 11 times greater than Scotland so the number of healthcare workers who died pro rata, would be 220. The England and Wales figure is thus more than twice as high.

7 thoughts on “Health workers in England and Wales more than twice as likely to die from Covid-19 as those in Scotland”

  1. The disappointing thing about organisations like Amnesty and alternative sites like The Canary, is that their writers and staff will know in detail the countries, regions anywhere in the world which are seeking self-determination, but are so immersed in the British mindset that they cannot conceive of concepts like Scottishness or Welshness. They are quaint regional things like Yorkshire or Geordie or West Country. They are aware of Irishness, because of the Republic, but simply have a blank spot when it comes to Northern Ireland, because it seems to be inhabited by not very nice people – loudmouthed Orange people and IRA murderers.

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      1. I think it’s part ignorance, part preconception of ‘Great Britain’, which many even outwith the UK, cannot grasp is a thing of the past, past it’s sell by date concept, not real anymore. GB, it does not exist.
        It’s dead in the water.

        Try signing ‘petitions’ by ‘UK’ activist organisations and they so do not get Scotland, they even think there is a ‘Scottish MOD’, and so many are led to believe that immigration is a power which the Scottish government
        holds, which is as we all know, is a power held by the English (UK) government. It’s why devolution is a con, and moreover, was designed as a con, ha ha ha say the EngBritnats in power!

        What is it that English lardy lord said way back in 1707 ‘ha, we have catched Scotland, and we shall keep her!’

        No you won’t lardy lord long deid!

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  2. Fret not as the over inflated London bubble will soon burst upon the sharpest
    Indy 2 result
    But as always for every upside their is a downside and that is one that releases the most fowl of gasses that were inflating that bubble
    But thankfully it shall be contained in a 200 Km of London
    And no doubt a considerable shortage of PPE in the form of gas masks will soon become apparent as the foul nasty toxic
    Aromas are releasedl

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  3. The disturbing thing is, as is being pointed out here and in your other articles John (thank you), the Britnats in Scotland and of course in England, would be rubbing their dirty hands together if the numbers of health care staff dying of Covid 19 in Scotland was huge and in fact, given that the EngGov all but sanctioned (!) Scotland by blocking the supply of PPE to Scotland, at the start, that was most likely their (preferred)scenario, ie, plot.

    If the people of Scotland and I think many more now see what is really going on, need anymore evidence that they really are collateral as far as the EngGov and their dodgy pals across the pond are concerned, it could hardly be clearer.

    Scotland is ‘collateral’, end of. That word in my book is the most evil of all time, but it’s real, and not just a word.

    Sorry the doom and gloom, must pop out to try see ‘Neowise’ the comet! At least that is life affirming, unlike the UKOK.

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    1. And ‘collateral’ in the sense of something pledged to help guarantee a contract. Scotland has most of the oil, gas and renewables in our territorial waters and, it is these which underpin sterling and keep the US oil interests happy. There is also the enormous renewables potential and the fishery. In addition, for global strategic reasons, ‘retaining’ Scotland, means that the UK and allies have a strong position with regard to Russian vessels emerging from the Arctic. Thus, it allows the UK Government and the Labour willy-wavers, to ‘have a seat at the top table’.


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