How the casual Anglocentrism of even the critical media reveals we cannot trust them to report Scottish health worker deaths properly

I love the radical, critical media such as the Canary and SKWAKBOX. I take pleasure in their forensic examination and exposure of establishment lies but every now and then they remind me that we cannot rely on them to help us in our own anti-establishment struggle, the Yes campaign.

Today SKWAWKBOX, like the Guardian or the Telegraph conflate England with the UK.

Have they checked the Scottish data and found them comparable to those for England & Wales thus justifying their headline?

No, they have not even bothered to try:

540 health workers lost their lives to COVID-19 in England and Wales. That figure alone, excluding Scotland and Northern Ireland, would be enough to stand at second-worst in the world, just five behind Russia – a nation with double the UK’s population – and well ahead of the US and Brazil, which have more than five times and three times the UK’s number of people respectively:

  • Russia (545)
  • UK (England and Wales (540)
  • USA (507)
  • Brazil (351)
  • Mexico (248)
  • Italy (188)
  • Egypt (111)
  • Iran (91)
  • Ecuador (82)
  • Spain (63)

But deaths in Scotland and Northern Ireland are more than enough to put the UK shamefully in ‘top’ position as the worst in the world.

They don’t tell us what the deaths are in Scotland.

Are the C19 deaths among health workers comparably high in Scotland?


Deaths of health and social care workers related to COVID-19

As at 7 July, we have been notified by Health Boards or the Care Inspectorate of 7 deaths of healthcare workers and 13 deaths of social care workers, related to COVID-19.

The population of England & Wales is 11 times greater than Scotland so the number of healthcare workers who died pro rata, would be 220. The England and Wales figure is thus more than twice as high.

Footnote: Amnesty International have reported in the same way.

11 thoughts on “How the casual Anglocentrism of even the critical media reveals we cannot trust them to report Scottish health worker deaths properly”

  1. This is a fatal flaw on their own behalf
    They are blatantly, arrogantly and in a most delusional and exceptional manner
    By Knowing little of their Foe
    Know thy Foe no matter what form they present themselves

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  2. If the stats were reversed, it would lead the news, be headlines in the colonial press, there would be “questions in the House”, Carlot would be jumpin’up and down, Hi Jack would be up for interviews( no questions), and Morningside Murray would crack a smile, and dust off his “suit”.

    But good news for Scotland is bad news for this bunch of Brit Nat Loopy Dupes.

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  3. Do they want to see their country loose it’s control over Scotland’s resources?
    Or is too much being read into their effort? Dunno

    At the end of the day it’s not their fight.

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    1. Re.not their fight but as it ours
      Take the fight to any who contribute to
      Our suppression in any form or manner
      In all instances NEVER treat ignorance as a excuse EVER
      A Foe is a Foe no matter who where or why
      Know thy Foe

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  4. I’ve noticed at least three times The Guardian have done the similar conflation (usually in headlines). To their half-credit, they have edited when emailed (and quoted their own style guide on Scotland back to them!), but still doesn’t stop it happening again and again.

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  5. The irony of your own observation “conflate England with the UK” is that the quoted figure is for England and Wales. 😉
    Manipulating publicly released figures for the purposes of spin has been obvious since the crisis began, England’s tally has been variously obscured by incorporating Wales or all the UK, all for political point scoring…
    It does not excuse bad habits or laziness in reporting, but rather as with David Coleman’s sports reporting years ago, it irritated Scots more that the media repeated it.


    1. Bob Lamont
      Re.use of the word irritated
      May i suggest that such irritation is well past its sell by date
      And now moved onto FURY


  6. The figures are presented how Amnesty International published them, which grouped . I’ve run articles specifically on the catastrophe in England compared to the situation in Scotland and other nations ( Amnesty didn’t publish a separate figure for Scotland, so using someone else’s figures would have been apples and oranges. There’ve been more than 5, which is enough to take the UK as a whole to the worst in the word spot thanks to the English debacle, which was the point of the article. NI’s figures weren’t mentioned either btw.


    1. Thanks for replying
      ‘Breaking: new figures show UK worst in world for C19 deaths among health workers’
      Why not be accurate in the headline:
      Breaking: new figures show England & Wales worst in world for C19 deaths among health workers’
      Otherwise readers think Scotland inlcuded and figures are both ‘apples’
      ’I’ve run articles specifically on the catastrophe in England compared to the situation in Scotland and other nations’
      So? Are we to be grateful?


      1. Because England and Wales are second-worst. England is the driver and Johnson is a criminal – but Scotland’s low figures are enough to take the UK over the line to world’s worst.

        As for your ‘are we to be grateful’ comment, that’s just bollocks. The article was about Skwawkbox not showing how much better Scotland has performed than England – but I’ve shown that specifically in an article about nothing else.


      2. And the article wasn’t drawing on the figures (which are bullshit). It was Amnesty International’s. They didn’t publish a figure for Scotland, so you should take that up with them.


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