I love the radical, critical media such as the Canary and SKWAKBOX. I take pleasure in their forensic examination and exposure of establishment lies but every now and then they remind me that we cannot rely on them to help us in our own anti-establishment struggle, the Yes campaign.

Today SKWAWKBOX, like the Guardian or the Telegraph conflate England with the UK.

Have they checked the Scottish data and found them comparable to those for England & Wales thus justifying their headline?

No, they have not even bothered to try:

540 health workers lost their lives to COVID-19 in England and Wales. That figure alone, excluding Scotland and Northern Ireland, would be enough to stand at second-worst in the world, just five behind Russia – a nation with double the UK’s population – and well ahead of the US and Brazil, which have more than five times and three times the UK’s number of people respectively:

  • Russia (545)
  • UK (England and Wales (540)
  • USA (507)
  • Brazil (351)
  • Mexico (248)
  • Italy (188)
  • Egypt (111)
  • Iran (91)
  • Ecuador (82)
  • Spain (63)

But deaths in Scotland and Northern Ireland are more than enough to put the UK shamefully in ‘top’ position as the worst in the world.

They don’t tell us what the deaths are in Scotland.

Are the C19 deaths among health workers comparably high in Scotland?


Deaths of health and social care workers related to COVID-19

As at 7 July, we have been notified by Health Boards or the Care Inspectorate of 7 deaths of healthcare workers and 13 deaths of social care workers, related to COVID-19.

The population of England & Wales is 11 times greater than Scotland so the number of healthcare workers who died pro rata, would be 220. The England and Wales figure is thus more than twice as high.

Footnote: Amnesty International have reported in the same way.