In the Herald today, Alistair Grant writes:

SCOTLAND’S historic homes and castles face a mounting backlog of repairs amid a “catastrophic” fall in income during the coronavirus lockdown, it has been warned. Historic Houses, which represents more than 200 independently owned houses, castles and gardens in Scotland, said an existing backlog worth £53 million is set to grow even further.

Think about it.

How did one family manage to gather such an obscene pile of wealth as a stately home? Brutal exploitation of the local peasantry and the craftsmen who built it? Money from the slave trade?

Imagine the lives of the servants who worked in the big house and on the estate. Imagine the servile manner required to keep your home and your job. Imagine the physical abuse of your sons and daughters.

Why did one family need a castle with dungeons in its bowels? Torture and starvation of their enemies including any among their own peasantry who dared to defy them.

Imagine the horror, the agonising pain of the dungeons. Imagine the easy violence by the lash and sword against your sons and daughters.

These castles and mansions are houses of horror. Do not spend a penny from my taxation on caring for them. Let them crumble. Stupid tourists will then find them even more romantic and worthy of visits.