Reporting Scotland not interested in Panorama’s good news about Scotland?

Panorama tonight looks at how Glasgow has cut violent crime. BBC 1 news had a piece on it but Reporting Scotland did not.

I haven’t got the archives to prove this but I feel sure that when these stories were featured in documentary programmes later that night, Reporting Scotland was more than keen to encourage its viewers to catch it:

  • Deaths in Scottish care homes
  • PPI shortages in Scottish care homes
  • Investigations into infections in Scottish hospitals
  • The export of young calves to Spain

Readers will, I’m sure, remember others.

Whether this is conscious editorial practice or unconscious habit, the effect is propaganda.

10 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland not interested in Panorama’s good news about Scotland?”

  1. I think there’s very little room for doubt that this is conscious editorial practice at senior level. However, I strongly suspect that it becomes unconscious habit to focus on the negative and exclude anything positive in each generation of ‘journalists’ as they emerge at the Outpost.

    They clearly have some kind block that prevents them from asking questions without fear or favour. Worse, the also seem to lack the motivation to question the answers.

    They are not simply a disgrace to journalism. As suggested in the article they are active propagandists and they are clearly entirely comfortable in that role.

    The question is does the EBC Outpost select for the values, attitudes and beliefs that produce the propaganda?

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    1. Jim
      Your are bang on the money
      The Bookies would never ever take a bet from any on it
      As for EBC
      I refer to it as ABC
      A is for Absurdistan

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  2. And now for something not quite as completely different
    Breaking news
    ABC (BBC)
    Have just commisioned a new 10 part
    Documentary series each part 1 hr long
    And to be broadcast all over the UK
    Each part will be on the positive effects
    Since devolution to Scotland enacted by the legislation passed
    And in comparisonTto the track record of Westminster in similar area and what might have the effects been on England
    as we write this they have announced that in the interest of balance and fairness their shall be a 11th episode added at the end
    But only 20 mins long
    This final episode will concentrate with the deepest of laser like focus from World leading Academic experts
    On the FAILINGS of Holyrood
    This bulletin is brought to you from
    The Monty Python Team

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    1. These are ‘Talking Heads’ by many of the top Scottish actors.
      Brian Cox, Douglas Henshaw, Mark Bonnar, Peter Mullan, etc.
      Not for the faint of heart more for the Braveheart.
      Talking Up Scottish Arts.
      Can’t understand why this isn’t being publicised or am i living under a rock.
      I found the BBC Scotland place to watch them.
      They aren’t on iplayer but you can watch them all here
      Don’t ask me what the difference is.
      It calls them clips. They aren’t, they are complete.


      1. Good find anandprasad, the difference is you don’t need a tv licence to watch them – there appears to be a few BBC services you don’t need to pay the extra tax to access, they are probably funded separately.


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