Scotsman cub reporter accuses Sturgeon of failure to control infection rate fluctuations

Early this morning, the Scotsman’s Gary Flockhart (14?) jumps up excitedly when he sees the surge of 18 new cases on Thursday, up from only 6 the previous day. Who can be responsible for this failure? The buck stops with the FM!

Gary goes back to bed only to wake up and find there were only 7 new cases on Friday, one down from the 7 day average of 8.1.

How unlucky can he be?

Has Gary (14?) learned a valuable lesson? A one-day variation does not a trend make?

Has he gone back to bed?

Nope, he’s on a new story:

Nicola Sturgeon accused of failing to control fluctuations in infection rate!

Gary, do you have Jackson’s number? He’ll give you a quote.

3 thoughts on “Scotsman cub reporter accuses Sturgeon of failure to control infection rate fluctuations”

  1. The increase to 18 has been an attack line by the British nationalists today, having, as you pointed out earlier in the week, that the reduction of infections and deaths in Scotland has been impressive. The figure of 18, which is, indeed, a statistical fluctuation, was less than 40% of the per capita figure for England, for the same day.

    Test and trace is how the fluctuations are managed. That IS the strategy. Scotland has had an effective test and trace system in operation for a considerable period. The rapidity with how the Dumfries and Galloway ‘spike’ was dealt with was an example of the system managing outbreaks. The excess deaths rate has been below the 5 year average trend for quite a few days.

    England does NOT have an effective test and trace system and, there is doubt about the rigour of the infections and deaths figures and has been since lockdown began.

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  2. The BritNat monotonous negative drone most folks tune out automatically these days, Dolby ‘C’ or Carlaw as some call it.


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