Gordon Brewer stupidly interrupts a professor with irrelevant facts about historical deaths in Scotland as the infection rate in England soars to more than 20 times higher per capita


On Good Mourning Scotland this morning after Professor Bauld said:

Scotland’s done well. we were behind the curve in terms of when the virus came into Scotland. We locked down when we were at a better stage in terms of the numbers and we’re now seeing as we’ve heard from Ken, no deaths yesterday and slight rise in the number of cases but still very low. It’s inevitable we have to open up but as we go forward...

Brewer interrupts:

You, you, you, sorry to interrupt [no he isn’t] Linda but, you say that, but the brutal fact is we’ve had something like 4 000 deaths which is about a tenth of the UK. It’s about a population share of the deaths in the UK.


Absolutely in terms of our deaths but our case numbers in the last few weeks, there’s absolutely no doubt, if you compare us to some other regions of England, we’re in a better position

Three things:

First, Brewer was debating with her the loosening of lock-down measures and only the infection rate matters in this context. The deaths are mostly historical and the current rate is an average of 0.3 per day compared to 48 in England.

Second, and Bauld should have noted this, the FT/ONS now estimate the deaths in the UK to be 62 000, spoiling Brewer’s arithmetic.

Third, Bauld might have mentioned it then but does come back to this dramatic information:

For England, for example, the latest ONS data suggests there are about 17 hundred cases A DAY! So let’s remember that.

The Scottish 7 day average for infections is 8.1. Using Brewer’s arithmetic that would be a population share of 81. It’s 1700! more than 20 times higher.

23 thoughts on “Gordon Brewer stupidly interrupts a professor with irrelevant facts about historical deaths in Scotland as the infection rate in England soars to more than 20 times higher per capita”

  1. I know BBC GMS broadcasts suspect things each day, but…

    Making false equivalence of the number of deaths with a positive test and the number of deaths with positive test or suspected case requires a clear and loud on-air correction/apology.

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  2. Propagandists at the English Broadcasting Corporation’s Scotland outpost remain determined to present any distorted untruths they can dream up in the hope of conning people in Scotland into believing that Scotland’s effective handling of the pandemic is essentially the same as England’s.

    British/English Nationalist activists being paid out of the public purse to continue undermining Scotland.

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  3. If Brewer cannot give accurate information, using the same metrics,, then he should not be employed by a public service broadcaster.
    If Brewer cannot stay within set parameters, with context, when discussing serious health issues, then he should not be employed by a public service broadcaster.
    We pay a substantial fee to the BBC. In return we expect accurate, relevant information. It should be geographically rooted, in context and with perspective: news that is not partial, is free of taint, bias and personal opinion/preference. Brewer provides none of this.

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    1. ‘We’ don’t pay a substantial fee to the BBC. You might, but a lot of us told the BBC to shove their licence fee 🤣 Join the ever growing numbers and stop funding an establishment propaganda arm that is hostile to Scotland. 😊👍

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  4. I thought (not sure If I’m correct) that our 4,000 included all deaths, even those that are recorded as ‘suspected contributing factors’ on death certificates, whilst England’s 40,000 is just confirmed deaths. The confirmed deaths for Scotland are currently 2,490 compared to the UK’s 44,650, so about 40,000 for England of which 10% would be 4,000 so we ARE still in a far better place than England. Scotland’s 4000 should be compared to England’s more than 60,000 (or higher according to some sources). Not that I like to compare Scotland to England, but Brewer started it!

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    1. It is very frustrating that prof Baird didn’t correct him. In fact she agreed ‘Absolutely’.
      My boss repeated this just a few days ago and it appears to have become fake ‘common knowledge’. I pointed out TravellingTabby.

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  5. Its not rocket science! The larger figure includes suspected cases, ie, died WITH Covid, as opposed to FROM Covid!


  6. Droopy Brewer and the rest of Propaganda Queue are trying to influence a rapidly diminishing audience. Probably 80% of Scotland knows they are broadcasting tripe thanks to alternative sources of information beyond the SMSM monopoly, ABC Dolby has taken a new form.

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  7. Where does he get the 4,000 deaths figure from?
    Travelling Tabby has Scottish deaths as 2,490 and England as 40,066.
    Who do i trust more for comparing like with like? A serial doommonger or a system which was set up before the presnt days results.
    One look s for facts and then we can reason with those facts. Science
    The other makes up figures to fit a pre-existing narrative. Fiction.

    Another day with no deaths

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      1. I see where he is getting it from.
        That website above also has tabs for ONS and NRS deaths.
        England ONS figures where Covid-19 was mentioned on death cert 47,499 (updated every 11 days)
        Scotland NRS figures where Covid-19 was mentioned on death cert 4,173 (updated weekly)

        So not great for Scotland but better than England, 500+ lives better!
        Given that FT has the English deaths as 65,000+ gives me added cause for doubt about Brewster’s claim.


    1. Curiously when you compare the figs for Scotland and the UK the increases in hospital admissions and for ICU are the same!!. Surely that cannot be correct.


  8. Well Well
    Here we go again.
    And let us with a laser like focus home in ruthlessly upon G.Brewsters actual words
    And 1 in particular
    But the brutal fact is weve something like 4000 deaths
    Home in on FACT
    A deadly error on his behalf even more so
    That he qualifies his Fact with the word BRUTAL another big mistake
    Any reputable Scientist or Statistician
    Would at that point have ripped him to shreds
    And not only demanded a correction right there and then,along with informing Brewer that they would NOT leave the studio until such
    And if they wish for me to leave then you NOW MUST CALL THE POLICE as upon their arrival i will press for charges against you
    And your Editor along with the researchers who assisted and have allowed you to make a statement that is blatantly a falsehood & lie,along with what I and many other than myself would consider as Gross Mis Conduct as all concerned are Public Servants and answerable to the Law
    But before i afford you such oppurtunity
    And without interruption whatsoever
    I give you the Facts and all derived from
    But before i present such,I shall at key stages ask you the most simplest of questions which demand a 1 of 2. Word reply and no qualification added whatsoever
    One words is YES
    The other is NO
    Do you Mr.Brewer understand yes or no.
    Good and no answer for purposes of clarity shall be understood that your reply is YES
    So here goes
    Q.1 is the UK.GOV Corona data reliable
    Q.2 so on that basis I present the FACTS
    And total deaths recorded upto and inc
    England deaths 40066 no.
    Scotland deaths 2490 no.
    Mr Brewer are those figs correct
    Q.3 Scotland represents 9.8 % of Englands population
    So 9.8 % as pro rata with England would represent 3921 deaths for Scotland
    Mr Brewer is that correct
    Q.4 Does The Brutal Fact that Scottish.Deaths of 2490 represent and to use your own words that this is one tenth of 40066
    YES or No
    If yes apoligise profusely and without qualification or reserveration Now

    If NO i live on TV now call you A LIAR


  9. Please, people understand the numbers. All numbers are subjective except EXCESS DEATHS. Other numbers depend on such variables as LEVELS OF TESTING , OPINIONS OF MEDICAL STAFF, and RELIABILITY OF TESTS. At present excess deaths in Scotland total roughly 4800. In England the total is roughly 66 000.


    1. Jimmock, you are totally, absolutely times 10 CORRECT!

      Every other mortality statistic is dependent on the factors you list and, importantly, is vulnerable to obfuscation:

      – i.e. to the obscuring of the intended meaning of communication by making the message difficult to understand, usually with confusing and ambiguous language, and done either unintentionally or, in our context, more likely with malign intent!


  10. Good thread here

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  11. If you will excuse the pun, the true estimated UK Death toll of 62,000
    I would propose is on the Conservative side .
    I take the equation used to calculate this figure was based on a comparison of average deaths over these same months over a 5 year period.

    As there are no construction deaths during lockdown and with millions of vehicles off the road there are obviously less road deaths. I would also advise that my own blood pressure issues have dissipated during furlough so if applied to many others
    We would have expected fewer heart attacks etc.
    I have no doubt the real figure is several thousand greater than proposed.
    I’d. Also anticipate the Tories will do their utmost to cover up the true disastrous figures of their own making.

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