On Good Mourning Scotland this morning, Gordon Brewer interrupted Professor Bauld to shout:

You, you, you, sorry to interrupt [no he isn’t] Linda but, you say that, but the brutal fact is we’ve had something like 4 000 deaths which is about a tenth of the UK. It’s about a population share of the deaths in the UK.

As a consequence of the 4 Nations approach Scotland did suffer massive loss of life but since the Scottish Government strategy kicked in, both cases and deaths have fallen steadily until, as we see in the graph above, the 7 day average death rate in Scotland is 0.3 per day (less than one) and 71.3 per day in England.

So, the death rate that matters now, in Scotland, is crudely, 240 times lower, and per head of population, is 24 times lower than in England.

That’s NEWS!