Tory spin doctor losing touch?

In the Herald today Andy Maciver, Director of Message Matters and a former Head of Communications for the Scottish Conservatives writes, with no mention of his baggage, of course:

TO WRITE about Scotland’s constitutional politics is to open oneself up for opprobrium. On a good day, that will just be from one side, although more often than not censure is in duplicate. Inasmuch as truth is relevant in the puerility of Scottish constitutional debate, I feel compelled to begin with my view on the matter.

Opprobrium? Puerility? Impressive vocabulary of the kind that makes one ponder on the writer’s need to impress one. Great writers keep it simple. I do.

Anyhoo, asleep? WTF? The dark forces of the Union are alive with energetic but evil intent. They’re everywhere Andy! You’ve been on Brewer. You must have seen them.

On testing in care homes or airports, Carlaw and Davidson have been fibbing frothily all over the BBC, Sky, Channel 4 and those wee Scottish rags.

Before that, we could read and watch everyday as attempts were made by that unholy coalition of private care home owners, the GMB and Richard Leonard to pin the deaths on Jeane Freeman.

At the same time we saw the same crew gleefully insist that there were shortages of PPE in Scotland when there were not and deny that Public Health England had stopped supplies to non-English care homes when it turned out later that they had.

The notion that the popularity of the FM and the SNP is based on their PR alone and not the all-too-real contrasts in pandemic management, has been repeated umpteen times in the Guardian, the Herald, the Scotsman and more recently in the Times, by the former BBC Scotland head of news, John Boothman.

From my perspective, the Unionists, fearing the SNP/Yes surge, are fighting back like cornered hyenas.

Now, Andy did you hear about this one?
Tell me, are you locked in the punch?
Andy are you goofing on Elvis? Hey, baby?
Hey, baby, are we losing touch?

14 thoughts on “Tory spin doctor losing touch?

  1. I hear that the Editors at VANITY FAIR
    are actively endeavouring to recruit him
    And entirely on the basis that he has a very deep understanding of the word VANITY

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  2. If the SNP’s popularity was based on PR, they’d be performing bloody miracles given the lowlifes in the so called media only allow them minimal exposure and that’s all doom and gloom negative, the SNP are to blame for every ill on the planet!

    So god knows how they can be so popular based on PR, I’s give them a medal for that under the circumstances, where the BBC cut them off mid sentence most often, or shout at them, if they are allowed on telly at all!

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      1. Haha! I took two tries at higher English to get my C in 1986! I think I went through the entire English dept teachers as they tried to get through my thick skull. Oh but it’s fabulous when true inspiration strikes 😀


      2. I can top that John! 3 straight ‘C’s’ in 1969….2 of which were English & Modern Studies!…..(I guess I was too interested in girls and rock n’ roll to study!….lol)


      3. You had Modern Studies in 69? Modeeerrn!
        A in Art, B in History, C in Eng Drawing, C in Economics, C in English
        Heidie wrote: ‘Quite a bright boy but definitely not University material, Art School?’
        So I went and I discovered I was just one of those kids who can draw. Bombed out after 5 months!
        Rock n roll, 69? Progrock?


  3. Just listened to 2hrs of Good Morning Scotland – airport dithering repeated over and over again. I honestly don’t understand how they think this helps – if they’re trying to offer “robust scrutiny” it seems to work for Scottish Govt decisions only. If they just want to undermine NS/SNP or Scottish Government haven’t they worked out yet that this strategy doesn’t work? Yes we’ve had the PPE, care homes, face covering decisions discussed ad nauseum only to be quietly dropped when either Westminster follows the Scottish lead or evidence emerges that shows Scotland good, Westminster bad.

    Do they think we are stupid? or are they blinded by a need to disparage the Scottish Govt at any opportunity even though it’s likely that the issue they pick will eventually be seen to put Scotland in a better light? More and more folk understand this now and are also completely underwhelmed by how Westminster is acting so their whole strategy seems fatally flawed. We shouldn’t complain as the polls seem to show just how little influence they have on support for NS and independence but it just seems a totally stupid way of trying to get support for the union.

    To my mind the media have allowed all the other parties to become complacent and flabby in their thinking. The consistent, rigorous and often unfair scrutiny the Scottish Govt is subjected to has resulted in most of the SNP politicians being well prepared, on top of their brief and able to answer questions. Then you look at Brewer’s “interview” with Carlaw – little challenge, no follow ups and no interruption, no wonder the Tories in particular think they can just open their mouths and spout any old nonsense, not only safe in the knowledge they will get no challenge but also that their statements will form the basis of a week long SNP bad reports repeated over and over again. That’s not enough anymore & it does them no favours – most people now have access to other sources and the fact that there’s rarely any positive Scottish Govt coverage on the mainstream media drives folk to look for a better balanced view.

    In the unlikely event that pro union politicians & reporters visit this site my advice is to sharpen up, start using your brains and join the debate presenting your own thoughts, opinions and ideas after thinking these through to show why on earth anyone should listen to or elect you. Don’t rely on a core pro union electorate to save you just because, your support base is dwindling fast!

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      1. To be fair it’s on in the background – helps to kickstart the day by getting my blood up!


      2. So when the Generals in the rear realise this, what are they going to do.
        Hopefully they ignore Einstien and continue doing the same thing!

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      3. Free fall, fibbing frothily, fading fast………………Fer Fu****************************!


  4. I thought it disgusting the way Ms Freeman was dismissed by Brewer,we have seen it before ,we have ran out of time but it seems that happens when it is only SNP being interviewed,I say it is time any Minister should at the start tell the likes of Brewer that they will leave if not shown more respect.
    Take the gloves off we have had enough of their snide remarks.

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  5. A bit off-topic but ‘spin’ nonetheless. BoJo dropped a hint yesterday that care homes might just, if only by a tiny, tiny amount, have been guilty of actions which did not help in the arrest of the Covid-19 virus.
    This morning, early, on the Radio 4 Today programme statements of outrage from representatives of the care home industry were fully in play and ‘analyses’ of what the UK Govt. was playing at abounded.
    Now, on the BBC web site we have a full blown defence of the care home industry as seen in a BBC ‘reality check’:
    Now I begin to appreciate what the capitalist elite mean by the word “shielding”.


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