Brenda Steele

Since The Times is behind a paywall, I  don’t really know much about how they spin the news but I do want to comment on the way this article by John Boothman is worded.

Unlike the general way Boris’s trite sound bites are generally promoted in the MSM, this article is written with a more subtle air of doubts hanging over it.

Thus we have convoluted phrases like:

Appears to have benefited from the perception” and gems like:

Three times as many people believe she has done a good job of leading the response to the pandemic, compared to the prime minister.”

The saying “damning with faint praise” comes to mind.

Then we get to the paragraph below the chart:

Although  Scotland has had among the world’s highest  proportion of Covid-related fatalities based on excess deaths

It does not seem to have occurred to the authors that the first thought a reader has is “and England?

[Ed: Or that much of this excess derives from Scotland’s early acceptance of the 4 Nation’s approach under pressure from the same MSM to do so]

This is followed by:

Curtis believes that perceptions

Oh dear, back to perceptions again – why not something more straightforward and positive like judgement?

It is clear that the writers cannot bring themselves to believe that these “perceptions” are the hard reality of th FM’s plain spoken down to earth presentation contrasting sharply with the bluster, bombast and flat out lies of the PM and his cronies.

Perhaps they fear that the reported “increasing gloom amongst senior conservative and labour politicians in Scotland that independence is inevitable” is a valid assessment of the situation.

I cannot see that using the techniques outlined above will save their precious union.