I’ve looked and all I can find is a reference to Edinburgh airport, in the Daily Record, but no sign of any actual boss brave enough:

A spokesman said: “Another day and yet more dithering from the Scottish Government.”

Gary’s ‘followers’ clearly don’t read him for enlightenment. They said:

Who has accused them of dithering? Just since, you know, we’d like some facts with our ‘news’

Did the airport bosses complain to the people responsible for port entry and the air bridges policy, namely the UK Gov Home Office?

You mean the Foreign owners of airports in Scotland. Doris’s American pals.

Can the same airport bosses also let it be known that they are getting 100% rates relief for a year. English airports continue to pay full business rates.

Just another example of why is Scotland not doing the same thing at the same time as the country with the worst excess death numbers on the planet.

And, why did he share his tweet with Simon Calder? Cringe?