Gary Robertson accused by honest folk of just making stuff up

I’ve looked and all I can find is a reference to Edinburgh airport, in the Daily Record, but no sign of any actual boss brave enough:

A spokesman said: “Another day and yet more dithering from the Scottish Government.”

Gary’s ‘followers’ clearly don’t read him for enlightenment. They said:

Who has accused them of dithering? Just since, you know, we’d like some facts with our ‘news’

Did the airport bosses complain to the people responsible for port entry and the air bridges policy, namely the UK Gov Home Office?

You mean the Foreign owners of airports in Scotland. Doris’s American pals.

Can the same airport bosses also let it be known that they are getting 100% rates relief for a year. English airports continue to pay full business rates.

Just another example of why is Scotland not doing the same thing at the same time as the country with the worst excess death numbers on the planet.

And, why did he share his tweet with Simon Calder? Cringe?

13 thoughts on “Gary Robertson accused by honest folk of just making stuff up

  1. ‘Dithering’. Is the pandemic officially over? You dither over what to buy for your dinner.
    I would think you take serious, measured and careful steps in deciding on matters, during a pandemic, that’s not ‘dithering’.

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  2. So obvious
    As so little Activity for last 4 months
    At his place if work
    A most simple case of Tweedle dee Tweedle dum
    As he has got F**ck all else to do now
    Oh they do say the Devil makes work for hands that are idle
    Well we now have conclusive proof

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  3. At the start of Covid-19 Simon Calder was reccomending travellers book up for June or July, fly out and have a fabulous holiday. Heard him last week, he now understands the situation and was truthfull about things.

    Gary likes “Airbridges” I prefer, Westminster dreamed up scheme to enable virus importation into UK.

    The longer The Scot Gov. Can put the back decission on “Airbridges”, the fewer the number of holiday makers who will fly abroad during Glasgow Fair. . . . .less importation of the Virus . . .,. Result!

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    1. Scottish Gov shouldn’t agree to any AirBridges until they have control Testing at or ports of entry & that includes the Border with england

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  4. On ‘Reporting Scotland with Malignity’ last night the ‘dithering’ trope was extensively deployed prior to the daily piece from Political/propaganda Correspondent, Glenn Campbell, who then called it “THE DITHER”. So, it had now become a ‘fact’ with the definite article attached to it.

    On ‘Good Morning you Scumbags in Scotland’ today, the interviewer continued to try to push the spokesperson for airports into parroting the ‘dithering’ line. His response was much more nuanced in that he was placing equal responsibility on the UK Government and ‘the devolved administrations’. From his perspective, he would prefer a common list of destinations for all of the UK. However, if the SG had a different list, he could work with that.

    The programme also tried to indicate that Scots would use Newcastle and Manchester Airports, and on return would drive or take the train back to Scotland, avoiding quarantine. Of course, some people will do that, but, most people will not. This trope of Scots flocking to England has been used by BBC Scotland on several occasions – the smoking ban, minimum pricing, to play golf, for example. In the bipolar mindset of broadcasters, if one person does it then by implication EVERYONE in Scotland will do it, from Shetland, Cape Wrath, the Butt of Lewis, Ardnamurchan, Mull of Kintyre to theMull of Galloway.

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  5. Last week they were reporting (encouraging ) on Scots flocking over the border to English Pubs.

    Heard this morning 3 pubs in England have had to close after customers testing positive. So are all the customers of these pubs Now self isolating?

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  6. Perhaps replacing “dithering” with “WTAF ?” would be more appropriate given this piece on the UK’s “airbridges”…
    You MAY be allowed to land, you MAY have to be in quarantine for 14 days, BUT, you can rest assured you won’t have to quarantine on your return to England…
    It’s another “Made in #10” omnishambles…

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  7. I’m getting worried that the BBC might not be able to pressurise The F. M. Into signing up to Airbridges in time Fur Ra Fair . . . .


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