Not only has the SNP Government strategy reduced deaths to one fifth of those in England it will uniquely protect thousands more from long-term symptoms

As Professor Sridhar has made clear, the Scottish and English governments have diverged dramatically in their coronavirus strategies.

In England, to an extent covertly, the strategy seems to be allow the virus to circulate but at levels low enough for the NHS to cope and using local lock-downs, as in Leicester, to cope with spikes.

In Scotland, quite explicitly, the strategy is to limit to a minimum, the number of people exposed to the virus and to then use track and trace to shut down outbreaks.

Here’s how Professor Sridhar put it:

Holyrood and Westminster are pursuing fundamentally different coronavirus strategies which could see the UK’s pandemic response splinter, an advisor to the Scottish Government has warned.  Devi Sridhar, chair of Global Public Health at Edinburgh University, told The Telegraph in an interview that while Scotland has adopted a strategy to “contain” the virus, it was unclear what the UK Government aims to achieve.  “Scotland released a framework a few weeks ago and that clearly said two things: One was that no one will be intentionally exposed to this virus – that the goal is to reduce exposure.  “And the second goal is to keep daily new cases as low as possible. That points to a containment strategy.” But the blueprint published by Boris Johnson’s Government last week – to a mixed reception – was “confused and conflicted”, Dr Sridhar added.  “What struck me is that it’s unclear what the UK Government’s goal is. What is the strategy?” she said.

With the 7 day average infection rate now 8 and falling, and the death rate less than 1, 5 and 10 times lower, respectively, than in England, the immediate benefits are clear.

However, evidence is now emerging of a group, of as yet unknown size, who survive but whose lives are seriously damaged:

Weeks and months after having a confirmed or suspected Covid-19 infection, many people are finding they still haven’t fully recovered. Emerging reports describe lingering symptoms ranging from fatigue and brain-fog to breathlessness and tingling toes.

So, in addition to reducing deaths, the Scottish strategy, by its goal to reduce exposure as well as deaths, may save many more lives in the broader sense of the word ‘save.’

Perhaps BBC Scotland will cover this important news.

7 thoughts on “Not only has the SNP Government strategy reduced deaths to one fifth of those in England it will uniquely protect thousands more from long-term symptoms

  1. What we will get are further personal attacks on Professor Sridhar from the British Nationalist Labour and Conservative branch offices in Scotland. If Bodger Broon lumbers into this, it will be a sign they are rattled.

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  2. From the very early days and from 1st mention of this virus in the scientific world that was available and from mid Dec.19
    I was instinctively alert probably due to my
    Fundamental basic understanding of Nature learned from early childhood
    Then my formal education in Genetics
    Under a most excellent Professor who
    Seemed to share my basic understanding
    Of how things work in the Natural world
    Along with the very interesting work we undertook with Viruses
    So i sat. Bolt upright many a time as more & more early research evidence appeared
    And one piece of such was in early Feb.20
    When Wuhan scientist revealed the results from albeit a small sample study
    That those who survived severe infection
    That their immune systems had been compromised by at least 30% and. Such effects were most prevalent in the age group 40 – 55 yr old survivors
    This age group are the most really usefull
    And productive members of Human society,Maybe not by Volume but most certainly in Quality and in todays modern economies tis Quality that by far is the most successful attribute
    And and as more early evidence emerged
    That this virus was leaving severe damage
    To other bodily major vital organs which also appeared to be of a permanent nature
    I was instantly reminded of one of my Professors comments after a small study we had just concluded on a virus
    And here it is
    If what we have just witnessed and upon a re run of what we have just concluded repeats
    Then we ignore the power of viruses at the direst of our perils
    So given all of what I say I very quickly
    Came to the conclusion that any Nation that ignores the devastating power and effects of this virus by thinking that any strategy to protect the Wealth & economy are doomed to abject failure
    Hence nations like Norway,Denmark And
    New Zealand are already and obviously showing that by protecting Health over Wealth that such is the one and only way
    To protect Wealth
    Such has smashed to pieces forever the Neo liberal capitalist mantra of M.Thatcher that their is no such thing as Society
    Good God people.Humans are a social species and our success or failure can only be derived from our collective efforts
    So it is BYE BYE to the Economic might of The USA and Their crony followers
    And Hello to The real winners of a rapidly evolving new Economic World order
    And Scotland is most certainly well equipped to not only be a part of it but to become a leader and shining beacon to others
    With the attitude & capabilities of its peoples and Leaders coupled with its natural resources
    Their is now only 1 way forward for us and in conjuction with other peoples and Nations of similar status Large or Small
    There are NO valid reasons for our Union with England to last a day longer and as daily resultant effects and events unfold
    Before our very eyes and ears then the groundswell amongst our fellow citizens
    of Scotland in Not the Desire for but of the Need for Independence to become a overwhelming unstoppable force that NONE can fight or resist
    Tis futile now for Unionists to continue
    And we are The Force Of Nature
    And none ever or shall ever defy and remain standing who seek to avoid
    That is how the World goes round
    Like it not

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    1. Just this morn
      I purchased the copy of which you refer to
      But dissapointenly it the said article was
      Not SPLASHED over the front cover
      Someone asleep in their marketing dept.
      Or more likely such is outsourced to Lackeys of the Tories
      Who most certainly never bite the hand that feeds them
      Know thy Foe
      They exist in places we must become aware of and expose them as this battle
      Races to its final conclusion for our Independence


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