New Zealand shows us how we might cope with Scots returning

Just as Australia’s intelligent response to an outbreak in one state, Victoria, led to that state shutting its border with its neighbour, New South Wales, to protect them, offered a sensible strategy for England and Scotland, so New Zealand now offers a solution to the issue of Scots returning.

In the Guardian today:

New Zealanders could be blocked at their own border after the government moved to slow the pace of international arrivals due to Covid-19.
Mounting pressure on New Zealand’s Covid-19 border regime has forced the government to ration places for New Zealanders entering the country. Jacinda Ardern’s government has struck a deal with Air New Zealand to limit the number of places available for international arrivals, given the strain on compulsory isolation facilities.


I feel sure BBC Scotland will report this with sensitivity and intelligence.

7 thoughts on “New Zealand shows us how we might cope with Scots returning”

  1. “Scots” returning”:—-
    Hon Sarah, Slithery Gove, Broonie, along with a whole troupe of dancing House Jocks.

    Keep ’em out, and build it higher.
    No London Luvvies here!
    Be you Lord, or Dame or Squire
    You are not what we require,
    When you head back south, we’ll cheer!

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  2. I feel sure that the ABC shall do quite the opposite after all they are the State broadcasters of Aburdtistan
    Not Britain (BBC)

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  3. In the last month, I’ve started getting messages on Facebook from people thinking of ‘relocating’ as they see that the health and care sectors are working better in Scotland than elsewhere during the pandemic. A few are elderly Scots looking to ‘come home’ after a lifetime living and working abroad. Others are people from England who have been here on holiday and have sussed out it’s possible to find a ‘nice’ property to live in that costs a lot less than where they live now. . A few are from other parts of the world. One – from Texas – told me she’d seen a ‘castle’ for sale near Edinburgh. She just liked the scenery of Scotland.

    It’s not clear to me how many of them understand that there’s a population already living here whose taxes contribute to maintaining the infrastructure of the country – and we expect people newly arrived here to do the same.

    These folk don’t always like the questions I ask:
    – Do you have skills you can bring here?
    – Do you plan to work? If so, what at? Have you made enquiries about the possibility of getting a job?
    – Do you have enough money to rent or buy a place to live?
    – Can you live on your savings?

    I call these the Canada questions.

    You don’t get to go and live in Canada just because you fancy it. Fifty years ago, thousands of Scots decided to emigrate to Canada and found they could only go if they met the conditions outlined in my questions above. A relative of mine infuriated us by emigrating to Canada and then coming back to Scotland when his wife was pregnant so they could get ‘free’ health care. Another friend found herself unable to join her family in Canada because, by staying to finish her degree in Scotland, she’d become too old to be a dependent relative – and Canada didn’t want people with her skills set. When Hong Kong was handed back to China, quite a lot of people decided to leave. They often wanted to go to Canada and were welcomed but still had to meet the conditions above.

    I’ve been told a couple of times that my reaction to these enquiries isn’t very ‘welcoming’. And I know one of the main principles of modern Scotland is that we welcome everyone.

    I’ll just leave this here: we’re in a pandemic. It ain’t over and may not be for a long time.

    About a month ago, when the Scottish Government started to lift the restrictions on us a message appeared on Facebook under a photo of Nicola Sturgeon. All it said was: Enjoy life but don’t take the piss. My view entirely. I look forward to hearing your views.

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    1. They sound like sensible questions to me. Ones I’d say my own family should consider if ever they decided to move here.

      Hope you told them that the ‘Welcome to Scotland’ is on a placard, not a doormat! 🙂

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    2. Re Canada taking in Chinese emigres when Hong Kong was returned to China, Canada imposed a condition that they had to bring a sizeable minimum sum of money with them (I vaguely recall 1mCan$, but it might have been 500k). Most of the emigres entered via Vancouver and settled there, so BC was hit with large numbers of criminals and gangsters bringing hot money.

      I heard that Boris was planning a similar condition for the Hong Kongers with UK settled status. But then gangsters are probably quite comfortable with the company of other gangsters.

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      1. Re Hong Kong And Boris granting them
        Passports and rights to come to the UK
        Stupid Stupid Boy
        Because amongst such possible immigrants exist the largest group of Anti Chinese protesters
        Boris doing a admirable for China there
        Also i note that 5 large British Business
        Companies like HSBC & JARDINES
        have signed a pledge and acceptance of the new security law in Hong Kong
        Appears even the once renowned UK Foreign Office Has caught the incompetence virus that now plaques
        Thought Dominic was Genius
        Maybe but of What
        Deceit may i suggest

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