In the Herald today :

THE SCOTTISH Government has been accused of “mismanagement” after it was revealed that almost £40 million has been spent on clearing clinical waste from hospitals since a contract fiasco 18 months ago. Costs to remove the waste have increased since December last year when Healthcare Environmental Services Ltd ceased trading – with NHS National Services Scotland blaming the rise in costs partly on Covid-19 and “market disruption”.

Ooh, I wonder who has the fears? Could it be Miles Briggs? He does look a bit glum. Is it just him accusing the SG of mismanagement?

Would that be enough for a real journalist? Just one opposition politician with an agenda phones him or the editor up?

Is it possible, without wanting to seem too lefty, that the Scottish Government and the taxpayers are the victims of one the inherent contradictions in capitalism, a system which I think Miles champions over state ownership?