Neil Oliver dumped by NTS: Tell him we love it, by all means!

By a remarkable coincidence Neil Oliver has stepped down ‘as intended‘ only days after being exposed as being in a bromance with the less than appealing and racist Dr Starkey.

In a sample by the polling agency, 100% of respondents over 4 said ‘Aye Right!

Any Oliver story presents me with an opportunity to share older ones. There some fine photos:

BBC Scotland urged to replace Neil Oliver to placate historians and attract broader range of viewers

If we can’t remove the ‘cancerous presence’ of Neil Oliver from the National Trust we can still stop subscribing to this elitist and wasteful organisation in protest, not just at him though

National Trust sacking Neil Oliver will enhance Scotland forever:

Neil Oliver in the limelight again reminds me of his cancerous presence:

11 thoughts on “Neil Oliver dumped by NTS: Tell him we love it, by all means!”

  1. Nothing became him in his office like the leaving it . That’s the prospect of an ermine- trimmed jaiket gone for a Burton unless he can find some other route to the upper chamber pot .

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  2. Alas, the sales of snake oil will decline as this oleaginous creep leaves the stage.

    No doubt to re-appear on the BEEB, who maintain a special place for Brit Nat hucksters.

    “Look! Look at me, as I swirl my locks and turn to the camera (my BEST side). I will explain why Scotland never really existed in the “his-tory story” I promote, my neckerchief hiding my brass neck”.

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    1. I suspect they would have chosen Oliver because of his media profile, rather than any knowledge of of his opinions.
      The only Trustee I am aware of, is the excellent Murray Pittock—an actual historian—as apposed to Nellie’s preposterous posturing.

      I often imagine people recruited to these posts of public trust, are there for the freebies and perks. I might be wrong, of course.


      1. It would be pretty remiss of the trustees to employ someone in such a high profile position without a more detailed look at his background. I think you’re being too kind.


  3. I am sorry people find it necessary to slag of one of their own Is it because he’s a no voter ? I for one find him to be a true Scot & enjoy watching & listening to him Good luck Neil


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