Jackson Carlaw revealed as Yes supporter!

Their disgrace is your disgrace? Isn’t that a track on the fourth album by English prog-rockers, Yes? It was an attempt to repeat the success of their earlier hit, Yours is no disgrace.

Funnily enough Carlaw had allegedly used used those very words in a secret memo to the organisers of the recent George Square Loyalists for Statues riot.

Seeing the banners over the M1 telling tourists to please turn round or words to that effect, you might have remembered this story which BBC Scotland did not ask Carlaw about at the time:

Then again, as we saw on Brewers Poor Fayre at the weekend, BBC Scotland don’t ask Carlaw anything challenging at all.

5 thoughts on “Jackson Carlaw revealed as Yes supporter!”

  1. I cannot conceive of anyone purchasing a used car from this pooterish, self-regarding fool.
    The fact that he is the leading Tory in Scotland, tells its own tale of the decline of Unionism and the grown of British nationalism.

    “I am not anti-Scottish”. Yes! Yes, you are.
    You are the prime epitome of the ugly soul of Anglo-British nationalist arrogance.

    “Dae whit yer telt,
    not what is best ”
    THAT is the Toady motto.

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  2. I don’t know if you are allowed to put links in comments here, but assuming you are…

    Footage revealed of Jackson Carcrash down his local golf club:

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  3. Jackdaw Carlot is blaming Grease-Moggy for his bad rep in Scotland.
    Greased-Moggy thinks Scotland is like his big back garden, not a country at all.
    Carlot obviously agrees, but thinks, in the interest of his free grub in the Holyrood canteen, that it should be kept stoosh.


  4. I’ve not heard Carcrash say anything about this,I would have thought he would complaining to the Aussie Ambassador in London.

    Australia to close border between two states for first time in 100 years after Covid-19 makes comeback in Melbourne

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  5. Is that not our problem though, conflating (as intended) the theatrics from the reality ?
    The theatrics of politics is what is peddled to the masses via the media, in Scotland’s case with more than a hint of negativity from a corps with a 110% anti independence bias, or in the Brewer’s Droop/Carjack Lawson combo probably somewhat closer to 200%..
    Politics was always a case of whose theatrics win rather than reality, something the actors have doubtless discuss over nibbles and tipples in an ante-room throughout history.
    Yet even though Jackass, acutely aware the Berwick demo/outing was a light hearted affair intended to embarrass Johnson and Mogg who had dismissed the border as a mirage, once seized upon by a Tory activist reframing if it as a baying mob rioting at the border, heads must roll…
    Were there any arrests?
    Did anyone make an official complaint of a threat ?
    My point is that rather than a group making a salient political point at the border, it got pirated and thereby was lost in the ether…
    Job done maybe?

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