Herald’s Mark Smith accuses Scottish Nationalists of being as nasty as British ones

In the Herald today:

A new opinion poll [YouGov] has shown that half of Conservative voters in England support English independence, but tell us something we don’t know. English Tories supporting English independence is about as surprising as Scottish nationalists supporting Scottish independence – in many ways, they come from the same source and feel the same feelings. The only problem, in both England and Scotland, is what on earth anti-nationalists can do about it.

British Nationalists in George Square
Scottish Nationalists in George Square

Spot the differences if you can. Mark Smith, it seems, cannot. Fascist vs Social Democrat, Racist vs Anti-racist, Anti-immigrant vs Pro-immigrant, violent versus non-violent, bigoted vs non-bigoted, few women supporters vs many women supporters………Mark?

6 thoughts on “Herald’s Mark Smith accuses Scottish Nationalists of being as nasty as British ones

  1. English independence from what?
    They already run the UK as if it were just England so what is it exactly that parting company with Scotland will enable them to do that they can’t at present?
    Trident in home territory?
    No more subsidies for Taffs,Paddies and Jocks?
    Who knows?
    As far as Scottish independent supporters being just as bad as unionists then that is comparing peaceful protest against violent thuggery.
    Sticks and stones…..

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  2. See Telegraph today Boris speaks truth our FM and Health Sec to polite to say,Care Homes did not follow correct procedures during Covid crisis,any comment Jackson

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    1. Do you think they need help? Maybe the Other Three Nations should go over there and sign it. We are, as we are frequently reminded, part of the UK after all. I’m assuming England means Ingerlund and not Englundun Dwales.

      My knowledge of political procedures is embarrassingly poor – such things are not encouraged down there.

      In fact, my daughter works in London and, before the last GE one of her colleagues said “Oh but we really shouldn’t be talking politics”. “Why not?!” she said. “We do. Around indyref I heard everybody from schoolkids to pensioners on the buses talking about it.” She even persuaded somebody to vote for the first time ever.

      I digress, but it shows you what anyone trying to change the system’s up against. Try not to be too harsh on people who aren’t even taught the major Scottish cities (“Glasgow. Is that the one on the right or the left? And where’s Aberdeen again”) let alone the counties.

      Still, to the point. If they wanted to leave, it’d certainly save the rest of us from having the hassle. All 3 nations could have self-determination without the frustrating battles to get it. But who’d get to decide on the assets? I know who’d want to…

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