Scottish Conservatives silent on Conservative Government’s testing failures revealed in Leicester

Signs in Leicester warning that the city is still in the grip of a coronavirus outbreak
Photograph: Darren Staples/Getty Images

Too busy frothing over imagined quarantining of UK tourists on the one hand and an imagined failure to quarantine overseas air travellers, on the other, the Scottish Tories are as quiet on Leicester as they tried to be on Dominic Cummings.

While there will be attempts to scapegoat Leicester’s ethnic minority groups for having to live in cramped housing and being forced to go to work in sweatshops throughout the peak, the truth will out though it may not be spread as much as we’d like.

From the Guardian today, it’s clear that the huge spike, 944 in the last 2 weeks, out of the total of 3 216 cases, was in some part, due to Johnson’s premature relaxing of lock-down, gung-ho speeches and lack of clarity in messaging.

Further the statistics from drive-through and home testing, revealing that the city had four times the average rate, took 11 days to reach Leicester’s health department. 11 days!?

Imagine Jackson Carlaw’s reaction to that?

Who runs the testing?

Run in partnership with private firms including the pharmaceutical giants GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZeneca, the four existing Lighthouse labs in England and Scotland have been dogged by reports of thousands of lost and voided samples, slow turnaround times, and a failure to share data on results with GPs and local authorities.

5 thoughts on “Scottish Conservatives silent on Conservative Government’s testing failures revealed in Leicester”

  1. Anyone who has watched the mini TV series Chernobyl will recognise the response from the Johnson administration as being the same as that of the Soviet politburo.
    When the disaster struck,the reaction from the authorities was to cover it up and then to lie to people,it’s own and others.
    Any scientist that stood out of line was threatened with death (Soviets) or having their funds cut off (BoJo).
    This is what happens when you have a government driven by ideology rather than the need to protect it’s citizens.
    There will be a reckoning for this.

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    1. Yes that is WHAT happens
      But amend your causes to read
      When a State suddenly finds out that it is now FAILING


  2. Leicester, I think, has the highest percentage of population of BAME of any city in England, so I think that it is almost certain that the right wing media will be ‘dogwhistling’ that it is a ‘problem’ with ‘immigrants’ or even ‘Muslim immigrants’.

    We have had for some time the ‘suggestion’ that people from South Asia are ‘genetically’ more prone to some ‘conditions’. There might, indeed, be SOME genetic variation, but this is as likely to be beneficial as it is to be malign.

    However, the main factor is POVERTY.

    The fact that many communities maintain strong intergenerational links, is, surely, something to be cherished, but in some cases it is being presented as bad. Undoubtedly, poverty results in overcrowding of accommodation, when families have to take elderly relations into their own homes. It is the fact that Rachmanesque landlords are charging exorbitant rents for small accommodation that is the root of the problem. The Queen, forexample, can support many unemployed family members, because she has lots of houses and some of these houses, such as Kensington Palace, can accommodate many families all physically distanced.

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