Lessons from Australia: Why England should close the border with Scotland as a good neighbour

After a coronavirus spike in Melbourne, The State of Victoria will close its border from midnight on Tuesday, to protect the neighbouring state of New South Wales. The Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews said:

[The closure] is the result of a phone hook-up between the prime minister and the premier of New South Wales and myself just an hour or so ago, where we have – all of us – agreed that the best thing to do is to close the border,” Andrews said on Monday morning. That closure will be enforced on the New South Wales side, so as not to be a drain on resources that are very much focused on fighting the virus right now across our state. I am grateful to the premier of NSW for her support in giving effect to that.

There will be a permit system for those who need unavoidable travel over the border.

With the infection rate 5 times higher in England than in Scotland and up to 35 areas on the edge of requiring local lock-downs, the same kind of neighbourliness seems appropriate here.

To avoid ill-informed and confused hostility, the UK PM should do a conference call with the FM and leaders in the North of England and agree the closure.

Similarly, so as not to be a drain on resources that are very much focused on fighting the virus right now across England, Police Scotland should enforce the closure.

Victoria’s total borders are 2 500 miles long with around 70% or 1 700 between it and NSW. The border between England and Scotland is 96 miles.

I know, Tourism.

4 thoughts on “Lessons from Australia: Why England should close the border with Scotland as a good neighbour”

  1. But the people and their governments in Australia show mutual respect.
    I’m constantly reminded of the statement, made in 1706 by Andrew Fletcher (The Patriot) that:
    “The Scots deserve no pity, if they voluntarily surrender their united and separate interests to the mercy of an united Parliament, where the English have so vast a majority…their 45 Scots members may dance round to all eternity, in this trap of their own making.”
    I think, maybe, he called it right all that time ago…

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  2. First
    They ignore us
    They mock us
    They laugh at us
    They fight us
    They lose

    Given the recent statements from Boris and Jacob
    They are now in a fighting mood
    So obey the 4 rules of conflict now
    1.Know thy Foe
    2.Fight only when we want to NEVER rise to their bait
    3.Fight where you want to
    And that is 2021 Holyrood ballot
    4.Fight them the way we want to

    Never by their Sect 30 weapon That is their method not ours
    So ask knowing that refusal certain
    Then and only Then pick our weapons
    By that time they have been lured onto the field of Battle of our timing,location
    And Modus Operandi

    Then the result is good as certain
    As long as we Know Thy Foe

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  3. Boris and his Tory mates are not interested in Scotland’s safety and would rather keep the border open and infection rate in Scotland rising he would love to see our FM fail in her duties to protect the Scottish people

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  4. Brexit!
    They are not good neighbours.
    Malign tory elite intent on cashing in.
    Disaster Capitalism.
    Scotland as the magic money tree.
    They need us down there with them in the dirt.
    Will they do the right thing?
    Unlikely at best.
    Time for our own government to act.
    In the interest of public health & safety.


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