UK Home Office mandarins obstruct quarantine checks in Scotland’s airports for two weeks!

We’ve had to correct the original BBC Scotland page (above). It had been:

Coronavirus: No quarantine checks carried out on passengers arriving in Scotland

That headline and the text fail to inform us that the decision to quarantine air travellers was taken by the UK Government and that they are responsible for giving access to the Home Office system so that officials in the devolved nations can do the follow-up checks.

That they took four weeks to do so is a failure the of the UK Government not the SNP!

11 thoughts on “UK Home Office mandarins obstruct quarantine checks in Scotland’s airports for two weeks!”

  1. Glad you brought this up as reading the earlier blog on the BBC which typically used the word ‘Admitted’ the Health Secy as if to convey she was at fault. The subtle and not so subtle distortions the BBC are using is becoming very annoying.

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    1. As I mentioned the source for the article was Press Association who deliver copy to their subscribers without comment, trusting on journalistic instincts 🤣🤣. Anyone can submit a correction to a published PA story by emailing

      So I did


  2. I was suspicious when the Network BBC news at 1pm today said that Jeane Freeman had ‘admitted’ that no follow-up checks had been done, and had been ferociously attacked by the Scottish Tories for this. This was a UK-wide attack clearly based on a twisted, partial and fallacious portrayal of the situation.

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  3. The propaganda war against Scotland by englands westminster and its agents the BBC , SKY , ITV , radio and newspapers continues

    Worse to come

    We have seen court cases brought by them

    We will also see businesses punished for being scottish
    People will have their jobs taken away for being scottish
    Riots and vandalism , personal attacks and deaths will be inflicted on us for being Scottish
    Its what will happen as england is forced to shrink to its normal size

    Clearly a lot of people in scotland have never lived in england when you hear them saying that english people dont really care if scotland becomes independent , they are wrong to believe that english people dont care , theyre bluffing
    They care alright
    They think they own this whole island
    You will see and hear that before scotland decides it will be independent and becomes independent

    It wont be a pretty sight
    Certainly not ammicable

    Once england is at its normal size
    countries around the world will no longer feel as threatened


    1. Yes, well said Terence. The brainwashing/propaganda will only intensify as we approach the now inevitable second Scottish Independence Referendum. Many years ago I had the experience of being close the manipulation of the Scottish justice system by the British state. They can, and will, take every measure to prevent us gaining our independence.


  4. The definition of journalism has now been updated : “one skilled in the manipulation of language in order to give the appearance of reporting accuracy while distorting the facts”


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