Professor Sridhar doesn’t really apologise to anti-Scottish unionists

Professor Sridhar didn’t really apologise. She said:

So: ‘I’m sorry if you’re the kind of person who is upset when they hear the truth about themselves?’

Best bit in the Herald article is this from Murdo Fraser:

Credibility? Credibility? You really want to use this measure?

  • 35 point gap between your party and the SNP
  • A third of your supporters trust the FM
  • Only 8% trust your leader
  • You’ve been photographed wearing an Orange Lodge sash
  • You once tweeted after a Rangers victory calling them the ‘Queen’s 11’
Tory hopeful Fraser slammed for 'Queen's XI' comment after Old ...



12 thoughts on “Professor Sridhar doesn’t really apologise to anti-Scottish unionists

  1. Her original statement was a totally accurate description of the Unionist mindset as i see it.
    The next Wings poll should look at the level of ‘anti-Scotland’ amongst Unionists.
    If labour could hate it’s left wing so much to want a Tory victory it is clear that this level of self loathing is not unique. I certainly hate the British state and have the whole of history to support that feeling. I think other nationalities have a hard time understanding that. Perhaps we have always been a schizophrenic group of nations.
    I am rambling but i would love to know how much failure people like Ruth Davidson and the other bloke, would accept in order to keep the union. A massive amount i am sure but what about the average Tory voter?

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    1. To illustrate my point see this.
      ‘Without the broad shoulders of the U.K. economy blah blah bull’

      So we need the UK broad shoulders do we? What a metaphor. . He loves Scotland so much he loves us being dependent on England. That is just perverted.
      They use the flag and the Union like everything else, including a pandemic, to score points. They don’t give a shit about Scotland, they just want the gas and oil and the nuclear bases.

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  2. Scottish Tories don’t need credibilty with the Scottish electorate.
    Their party is elected to power on the basis of English votes.

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  3. Well Well
    Science has found out beyond all doubt that this virus has quite serious effects upon the Human Brain
    And in fact far more of what is a profound unseen effect that is rapidly leading to
    1.Those such as that overinflated ego of that delusional big drum banger that goes by the name of Murdo
    Who become seriously Physcotic and deranged whilst dealing with any matter that may arise concerning the virus
    2.Those who once took cognisance of Murdo and his wordshave awoke to the real world
    And realise that the chances of infection
    Are greatly increased by following the poor chap
    3.In general Humans possess a inbuilt instinct for survival and safety when confronted with a deadly and imminent
    Danger and the correct herd instinct kicks in by joining the ranks of those who have wisely known where such safe haven is located and what side of the line or boundary for that matter is to be found

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  4. Clearly, the unionists see her as a ‘threat’ because she has given strong praise to the SG on programmes like Newsnight and Channel 4 News, whose presenters clearly treat her with respect and see her as authoritative. Hence the sour attack on her in the Scotsman by the embittered Brian Wilson ( which brought a prompt and pointed rebuke from his erstwhile colleague Malcolm Chisholm. The Colonel, still the lost leader mourned by the ‘progressive’ press, has had several bitchy tweets. Clearly, the unionists are rattled.

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  5. She is correct though, they ARE anti Scottish and anti Scotland, they work for the English elite, dance to their tune and work against Scotland’s best interests, to say the very least. Especially evident during this pandemic and lockdown, and of course the essential daily reports from the party who are the democratically elected lead party, the SNP.

    They (the ‘unionists’) are anti Scottish, and we can say that with validity, because they have made it clear they would prefer Scotland to be in the same boat as England, in doing sweet FA in tackling, efectively dealing with and ending the unecessary deaths due to Covid19. That IS anti Scottish, actually preferring that your own country suffers and your people die, to score political points. I personally find that abhorrent, and really quite criminal in fact.

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    1. Having listened to Paul Kavanagh (Wee Ginger Dug), I have been persuaded to stop using the term ‘unionist’ and will use the term ‘British Nationalist’


      1. May i suggest more fitting words to
        To replace
        ” British Nationalist ”
        Colonial Oppressors
        Me think such would be akin to the opposite views of Boris & Jacob Racob
        Of how they view our status as a mere region
        You cannot oppress regions ONLY NATIONS

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      2. Think “Colonial Opressors” is a step too far for a people starting to see the light (cognitive dissonance?)
        “British Nationalist ” the opposite of Scottish Nationalist a label readily understood by most.

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      3. In some way I understand your like for the use of the word Nationalist
        But sooner our later we have to switch it to oppressor
        Then people will see that truly it is the Union that has its knee upon our neck
        And if we do not throw it off very soon
        They will extinguish our Nationalism
        The time to take the gloves are fast approaching
        See approach Westminster power
        Chains and slavery

        Wha will stand for Scotlands rights
        Wha will stand for our Law
        Scotlands cross strongly draw upon the ballot paper
        Ursurpers fa wi every blaw
        Wha will fill a traitors grave
        Let them turn and flee
        Nows the day
        Nows the hour


      4. I had actually toyed with the word ‘colonial’.

        But, I decided to stick with ‘British Nationalist’ because they seem oblivious to the fact that they are very nationalistic and, indeed, with strong tendencies towards ‘exceptionalism’.

        When trying to set up cognitive dissonance to get someone to become aware of an attitude, the message has to be pitched reasonably close to where the person’s mindset is, otherwise, it is dismissed as irrelevant and does not have the desired effect.

        Since they think of themselves as ‘British’, linking it with ‘nationalist’ has the potential to set up dissonance. ‘Colonialist’ is not something they identify with (in the same way that I do NOT identify with ‘Jock’!) and they can let it slide without engaging the mind.


      5. I understand you thinking of using “Colonialist” and Premieroneuk proposing it’s use, after all Alisdair Gray referred to the Colonist mindset of those put in charge of Scotland’s Art Bodies. It’s not wrong, just as you say “not something they identify with”.

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