Leading academic admits BBC Scotland is horribly biased

Yes, I admit it. BBC Scotland is biased against independence.

I admit that they only report NHS targets missed and never those hit.

I admit they never compare NHS Scotland performance with NHS England.

I admit they exploit single cases and try to suggest wider crises.

I admit they use unreliable sources.

I admit they platform the opposition parties regardless.

I admit they never apologise when the truth comes out.

I admit they mislead with language such as ‘Three baby deaths after No.64 bus passes hospital.

I admit they give Unionists an easy time in interviews.

I admit Sarah Smith says horribly distorted things about the First Minister.

I admit they try to blame the Scottish Government for thing due to the Union.

I admit they are too thick to understand even simple arithmetic.

I admit, I’m getting tired.

22 thoughts on “Leading academic admits BBC Scotland is horribly biased

  1. Their is one thing that they shallnnever admit to
    Because such would be a blatant LIE

    and that is
    We are all of SANE MIND


  2. John,
    I admit – I read nearly all of your posts
    I admit – I am worried that you are doing too much
    I admit – that I will be relieved if you take a day or two off
    I admit – I’d be happier to see you working 6 days a week instead of 12
    look after yourself

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      1. May I Offer a sound piece of wisdom
        Take a elemental break to a nice self catering lodge in one of our outstanding
        Spots of natures splendid unspoilt beauty
        Let the crazy Human world spin by you
        Avoid TV ,Radio ,Internet,Social Media
        And all forms of MSM
        Then do as you please
        The crazy world and you shall be far better when you return with a mind that nature has not only cleansed but re invigorated in order to apply your efforts in a more laser like effective manner
        Tis the result that is important not the current score upon the board
        And may i finish with a suggestion
        That you take a wee deak at such self catering upon The Isle of Lewis
        Located in
        On the West coast of the Island
        Paradise upon Earth


  3. Accepting that you are tired is your strength. Rest. Then renew. Thank you for your tireless work. I greatly appreciate what you do on my behalf.

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  4. John, I admit–I am replaceable—–but—you are not.

    Take a break. Hiv a wee rest, oan the flat o’ yer stanes.
    Watch the box ( I know, there’s nothing on), go a walk, have a dram, clear your mind.

    Whatever it takes. Come back to the fray. We need your most excellent input, intelligence, attitude, thrawness, arce-it-ness.

    It’s only the BEEB you have to slay.
    The “muppet show” in stereo. Hon Sarah and Brewah.
    Go get ‘um John!

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      1. Ps Youtube link is to a really sound Canadian guy channel, who travels length and breadth of the US and Canada in his ‘A-Liner’, out in the wilderness, well a worth watch.


  5. Same as others have said, you do a fantastic job…take a wee break, you do work too hard me thinks. We can keep an eye on things while you rest, enjoy the outdoors, weather’s due to improve I think and hope, next few days. 🙂


  6. What you need, John, is to post more pictures of cute puppies, or any other fluffy innocent big-eyed mammal – just make the story up – this will solve all your weariness of the BBC and its brain-dead repetitive brainwashed output.

    Some baby seals might capture the Greenland audience!


  7. I think you need to follow the advice given above. You do a fantastic job but sometimes you just have to step back for a time to recharge your batteries. Be good to yourself for a bit and come back fresh.


  8. Take a rest, running out of puff half way round the track will deprive us of a unique asset. I know, that sounds selfish but its true.


  9. Prof, I can’t believe the great job you do. I don’t comment but maybe I should. Thousands are like me; we read you and appreciate your revelations of the quisling media. Relax for a wee while. Jimmock


  10. I read everything you publish with great relish. But I don’t comment often. Maybe I should comment more to give you encouragement. And there are many like that.


  11. I too read everything you post but I seldom comment & I really should because I appreciate what you do & how much you do! And I often refer to something you’ve written. Thank you for all you are doing for ‘the cause’!

    And as so many others have said – you really are due a break! Take some time away so that you can come back fresh! EVERYONE needs a break sometime. And with a bit of luck, things might start to happen soon. We don’t want you missing it because you’ve put in too much hard yakka and are too tired! Seriously… this is a good time to go relax. Not like there’s really much going on… except the polls are creeping up & the British Nationalists are losing their ‘stuff’! LOL! Go & put yer feet up for a bit! 😉


  12. Another Lurker here. I don’t usually comment, but had to say thank you , but don’t burn out. The work of your site’s invaluable in relieving the ignorance of many whose main source of info is the MSM

    As you can see from my name, I’m an immigrant from South of the non-existent border. Only been up here about 35 years and had always considered myself a guest. Might as well get all the reasons people are likely to throw things at me out of the way and confess my heart said Yes, but my head said No in 2014.

    I realised a few months back that somewhere between then and 2017 I’d stopped saying “Scotland” and started saying “We”. If there was Scottish citizenship I’d apply in a heartbeat. And I certainly wouldn’t vote No in indyref2!

    Still being new to the idea of, shall we be polite and say, a somewhat skewed MSM outlook we need the information provided by people like you badly. eg I’ve noticed it myself in the difference between what’s reported about the daily Covid press briefings and what I heard myself – but very often haven’t known where to look for more accurate reporting. In fact, in a recent… erm… exchange with my still ignorant relatives down south, I enlightened them using facts I’d learned here. (It started with them arguing we shouldn’t be doing our own thing regarding Covid-19 because Scotland was part of the UK and “got enough money from Westminster because of that” so should, basically do what the UK government said. As if we didn’t have a Government – or, indeed, brains – of our own! My response? “What a pity they didn’t remember that when they withheld PPE we’d included in our plans because it was reserved for NHS England” . It went a bit downhill after that…)

    Anyway. Enough blether. Thanks again. I notice that very often commenters have suggested someone doing a piece on a specific subject. I know it’s your blog, but would you be open to ‘Guest Contributors’ from time to time to give you a bit of a rest?


    1. Many thanks for your kind words.
      I feel sure you’re more than welcome ‘here’ now.
      I’ve been in Ayrshire just over half my life and still not golfing! And still supporting the Bairns!
      Guest contributors? Absolutely. We already have a few and several who send me links to tasty bits.
      Email me it: talkingupreminders@gmail.com


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