Six and a half years, around 15 000 posts and I may be wilting, especially when it comes to Gordon Brewer and Jackson Carlaw. Do I have to rebut what they said about testing this morning? There can’t be many watching it. Tell us BBC Scotland. Go on. We won’t laugh….for at least 10 seconds.

This morning we heard from the pair, in a cosy, interruption-free exchange, that ‘the SNP [sic] have failed to do any follow up checks!‘ of airport arrivals.

As Bruce Crawford MSP tweeted, this is ‘utterly duplicitous. Without UK Home Office security clearance, checks couldn’t start but have now.

Carlaw tried to tell us that the Scottish Government was the only one in the UK not to have done checks. Did he see this in his favourite, the English Daily Express, on June 26th?

Paul Charles of the Quash Quarantine campaign group said:

This policy is like a stand-up comic routine. It is just staggering. These figures, or the lack of them, prove it is unenforceable and no one in authority is bothering to check up on anyone coming into the country. I don’t believe the one in five figure. People are filling in forms with location details but those forms are not being checked.