Should we maybe just ignore the Carlaw Brewer Show now?

Six and a half years, around 15 000 posts and I may be wilting, especially when it comes to Gordon Brewer and Jackson Carlaw. Do I have to rebut what they said about testing this morning? There can’t be many watching it. Tell us BBC Scotland. Go on. We won’t laugh….for at least 10 seconds.

This morning we heard from the pair, in a cosy, interruption-free exchange, that ‘the SNP [sic] have failed to do any follow up checks!‘ of airport arrivals.

As Bruce Crawford MSP tweeted, this is ‘utterly duplicitous. Without UK Home Office security clearance, checks couldn’t start but have now.

Carlaw tried to tell us that the Scottish Government was the only one in the UK not to have done checks. Did he see this in his favourite, the English Daily Express, on June 26th?

Paul Charles of the Quash Quarantine campaign group said:

This policy is like a stand-up comic routine. It is just staggering. These figures, or the lack of them, prove it is unenforceable and no one in authority is bothering to check up on anyone coming into the country. I don’t believe the one in five figure. People are filling in forms with location details but those forms are not being checked.

7 thoughts on “Should we maybe just ignore the Carlaw Brewer Show now?”

  1. Quite amusing how Jackson Carlaw (JC???…) reacted with shouted advice to Brewer on his interviewing technique when he detected a mere whiff of a difficult question being asked.
    Jeane Freeman was impressive in her refusal to show deference to Brewer as he tried his bullying interventions while she was giving complete answers to the questions put to her.

    PS. In case anyone thinks I am into sado-masochism, I don’t watch the whole show as broadcast – I use the iPlayer to be able to skip to parts which may inform comment. The whole thing would be unbearable….

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  2. Stopped watching Gohdon Brewah some time ago. He is one of the shallowest and poorest quality journalists, on any channel anywhere.

    “I don’t quite understand” is his motto, when the answer is not to his liking. He should have it tattoo-d on his brow.

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  3. I think what bothers me most about Brewer is that he doesn’t even bother to not look like a Tory.

    It’s a weekly reminder of just how poorly the BBC represent Scotland. If you were a visitor here and flicked on a telly you wouldn’t know that the SNP have the support they do and that independence is the majority opinion.

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      1. It is instructive how many of these youthful left wing radicals move substantially to the right in politics, once they start getting attention. In my trade union days the ones who were always ‘demanding’ ‘strongest action’, were always the ones to be ‘demanding’ that any deal reached was a ‘sell out’ and should be rejected because they would get a better one. I recall one, who, on every strike day, would get a doctor’s line, so that he did not lose pay.

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  4. As i have stated many times here and elsewhere
    The 100% guaranteed policy to adopt in our dealings with them
    Is to quite simply IGNORE them.
    Such has been used by others such as Poland ,India amongst many others in
    Throwing off the yoke of Colonial masters
    It then becomes impossible for them to
    Not only that but they thump their false
    Pulpit harder and harder as the rising crescendo of their rants merely falls upon
    The deluded Faithfull
    Whist the rest of us merely end up forgetting to even bother about them any more
    They now are well and truly a complete and utter irrelevance now and deep down
    In the depths of their dark unfathomable souls they know it
    Like all petulant children their antics and responses will be all too predictable
    We have them on the run now so let them speed up, trip in their haste into the cess pit which they filled adequately with their
    Own venomous outpourings and leave them to rot
    No need to encourage them in any longer
    Their fate awaits them

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