NHS England chief lies about PPE being denied to Scottish care homes

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On the Andrew Marr show this morning, the smarmy, Sir Simon Stevens lied that Public Health England had not hogged the supply of PPE, produced for contracts paid for across the UK. Donald Macaskill of Scottish Care was shocked and tweeted:

Lying like that, regardless of evidence (below) is just standard for the Oxbridge elite running things in England these days.

12 thoughts on “NHS England chief lies about PPE being denied to Scottish care homes”

  1. Par for the course well and truly now
    And way past redemption now as far as we are concerned
    Do not forgive Father as they full well
    Of what they say and do

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  2. Disgraceful. This is one of the issues no doubt which even unionists in Scotland must have been aware of and suitably angered by. It was a test of just how the UK functions, and who calls the shots, whose lives are more important, or rather the people of Scotland lives, being less important. All’s fair in UK politics and devolution.

    This whole pandemic thing hasn’t delivered quite what the Britnats hoped for, that being catastrophe in Scotland, SNHS totally destroyed, SNP forced out and a Britnat party installed at Holyrood, to keep Scotland ‘safe’.

    Oh dear, the BritNats’ plotting against and denying Scotland essential PPE etc, has backfired. Hell mend ’em.

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  3. Stevens.

    “There is much interest over the links between United Health Group and multiple British politicians and prominent figures in the NHS.

    The most notable link concerns the current Chief Executive of the NHS: Simon Stevens. Stevens, who was appointed to this role in 2013, is British, but from 2004-2013 was vice-president of United Health. In that role he became a founder member of a US lobby group – the “Alliance for Health Care Competitiveness” – explicitly trying to use TTIP to force state-run health systems, including the NHS, to employ private health firms from the US.

    Another figure with ties to both the UK public and American private sectors is Nick Seddon, who was Special Adviser for Health from 2013-2016. Only four months after leaving the government role he became Executive Vice President of Optum. A policy change made by David Cameron’s government in 2014 meant Mr Seddon’s move to the private sector did not need to be vetted for conflicts of interest by a semi-independent advisory committee, as was previously the case.

    David Sharpe was NHS England’s director of commissioning operation for the central midlands sub-region until in 2015 he left to join Optum as Senior Vice President for Growth Strategy in the UK. He still works at Optum to this day, most recently speaking at the Health+Care Commissioning Show about Accountable Care. United Health Group already operates 26 Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs) in the US.

    Former GP Martin McShane, director for long term conditions and mental health for a three-year contract between 2012 and 2015, left his career within the NHS at the end of 2015. He then joined Optum as chief medical officer for clinical delivery.”


    Privatisation of England’s NHS is well under way. That privatisation will have knock-on consequences for Scotland’s NHS as less money will come to us in Barnett.

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    1. An interesting coincidence involving Simon Stevens in the Guardian this morning:


      He’s asking the UK Treasury for £10bn for the English NHS and says “The money would mean the NHS could create extra beds in hospitals, keep the Nightingale facilities on standby, send patients to private hospitals for surgery and provide protective equipment for frontline staff.”

      ‘Send patients to private hospitals for surgery ‘ – paid out of new Treasury money. Nice one, Simon……..

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  4. Quite happy to be corrected on this, but I believe part of the problem with PPE for England only is to do with the inefficient procurement setup for England’s health service.

    With an internal market, the UK Gov therefore has to by pandemic stockpiles that sit on shelves doing not a lot. But when a pandemic actually happened, some of this was released to hospitals (only with the army’s help because the private contractor couldn’t cope with demand), and some were given to external suppliers for certain customers only.

    So there was some PPE for England only, and that was quite alright because it was from England’s pandemic stockpile. But the retailers got mixed up in the heat of the moment and restricted all sales.

    But Scotland has a separate NHS, and through Holyrood has been managed differently in recent years (thank god!). So NHS Scotland runs National Services Scotland which offers central procurement for uniforms, drugs, blankets, patient gowns, and PPE. These are then distributed to NHS boards across Scotland as required, and is an operation that functions every day of the year.

    There’s less been published on Scotland’s individual preparedness for a pandemic flu, so I can’t say with certainty that there was a pandemic stock of PPE. But we do know that Scotland never ran out—indeed they passed some supplies to England.

    But what the ScotGov did do is expand who they supplied to, so primary care and social care providers could receive stock directly (which Donald refers to in his tweet). They were able to do this as they were scaling up an existing operation as opposed to starting from scratch in England.

    Sometimes it’s the little things that can make so much difference.

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  5. Chocolate PPE anyone?


    “Maugham [name spelling corrected] first exposed a £108m contract placed with Crisp Websites, trading as Pestfix Ltd who had assets of just £18,047 at the time…..

    …..Soon after, the QC claimed that Clandeboye Agencies Ltd, a wholesaler of sugar, chocolate and sugar confectionery in County Antrim was awarded a strangely similar £108m contract for PPE in two parts, including one for £14.3m and this one for £93.2m. According to Companies House, in March 2019 Clandeboye Agencies Ltd appeared to have net assets of £291,000…..

    Next, Maughan [get his name right] claims an employment agency called Aventis Solutions Ltd of Wilmslow, Cheshire was awarded this contract for £18.5m even though the company had net assets of just £322 according to their entry at Companies House. But this and the previous two contracts pale into insignificance compared with the fourth – as Maughan tweeted this morning:….

    …..The Government spent a cool quarter of a billion quid buying facemasks from a rather interesting outfit called Ayanda Capital Limited (again it was apparently the only tenderer…

    …..This is the daddy of them all so far, a contract for £252.5m, again placed with a company that has no apparent history or experience in supplying safety gear.

    Ayanda Capital Ltd is a significantly larger company than the others, with net assets last year of nearly £1.9m. According to Maughan, Ayanda is owned by the Horlick family through an entity based in Mauritius, “one of the worst tax havens in the world.”

    The company website says they are a London-based family office focused on a broad investment strategy specialising in currency trading, offshore property, private equity and trade financing.

    Maughan highlights a connection between Ayanda and a man called Andrew Mills who, although not an officer of the company, is nevertheless a senior board adviser according to his Linked-in profile. He also claims to be an adviser to the Department of Trade, where Liz Truss is the secretary of state and a member of the cabinet……

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  6. “We have litigation in train in respect of the chocolatier and the pest control company. We can probably take on one more – if you’d like to support it”

    Jo Maugham QC Tweet

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