The Herald tries to include Scotland in the UK Top 36 for covid hotspots!

What a pile of fibs and fabrications from Martin Williams today. I guess he’s not one of the Herald 4 getting their jotters.

‘The Herald can reveal that NHS Forth Valley has become a new hotspot for coronavirus cases with half of the total 12 for the whole of Scotland on Friday alone!’

OMG! I am so glad I migrated to South Ayrshire in 1984.

Wait though, Martin! It’s just six. Remember the Leicester 658? What about the England 36? The 36 areas of local lock-down?

And, ‘on Friday alone!?’ Oh come on. Is there any evidence that this is the tip of an iceberg?

Outrageously, Williams opens with this:

They cleared up the Dumfries 11 in a few days. It’s closed already.

And remember the Lossiemouth 2? They closed that in two days.

So, the Falkirk 6 eh? I bet you the contact and tracing teams have closed that one down before you can doorstep your auntie in…..Carronshore?

This is just the new normal. Tensions are rising but mainly among any who see your stupid headlines.

8 thoughts on “The Herald tries to include Scotland in the UK Top 36 for covid hotspots!

  1. This is the WHO guideline on exiting from lockdown.. It is accompanied by warnings from Dr Mike Ryan.Praising the ability of Germany and South Korea to manage outbreaks, Dr Ryan also observed:”In contrast, he said, other countries, without naming them, were “trying to drive through this blindly”


    Here are the six recommendations.

    Any government that wants to start lifting restrictions, said Tedros of WHO, must first meet six conditions:

    1. Disease transmission is under control

    2. Health systems are able to “detect, test, isolate and treat every case and trace every contact”

    3. Hot spot risks are minimized in vulnerable places, such as nursing homes

    4. Schools, workplaces and other essential places have established preventive measures

    5. The risk of importing new cases “can be managed”

    6. Communities are fully educated, engaged and empowered to live under a new normal

    The UK government is not meeting the first two conditions and it is unclear whether it can meet the other four conditions. Scotland looks to me to be meeting the first three recommendations and is planning to meet the fourth. The government also seems to be doing much to meet the sixth requirement. The fifth one will soon be met.

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  2. Why are the owners of the Herald and Scotsman allowing their titles to sink into ignominious oblivion? Dont they look out their windows to see the weather? It is blowing fair to ward a self-governing Scotland, yet they persist in boosting news which is redolent of fakery, bias and blind adherence to modern colonialism?
    These papers are among the oldest publications anywhere in the world, but it doesn’t look as if they have much further to go, before the pallbearers are at the door.
    When we are independent, we will NEED good newspapers to give us news and guide us toward a decent, liberal, democratic and egalitarian society.
    Why don’t the Herald and Scotsman want to be there, in that place?

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  3. “Concerns over whether Scotland is safe enough for an influx of tourists from south of the border…” is priceless…

    A more accurate re-write reflecting the reality outside the Martin Williams bubbleverse might be “Concerns over whether tourists from south of the border are safe enough for an influx to Scotland….”

    I misread your “Wait though, Martin! It’s just six” as “Wait though, Martin is just six”, and almost forgave the idiocy due to his mental age…

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    1. Bob, I know, and am sure you do too, 6 month old babies who show more awareness over their environment than that “reporter”.


  4. ‘Whether Scotland is safe enough’, you gotta larf at that one!

    It’s terrible, all those people from ‘south of the border’ (so there IS a border) being forced, told, to influx into ‘unsafe’ Scotland, it can’t be right, maybe that ‘border’ should be closed just to keep people south of it, ‘safe’!
    England, ‘You will drive to (unsafe) Scotland for your holiday, get those keys in the ignition or else!’ ‘No, I don’t want to cross the border, they say they have the worst cases in the world’. Scotland, ‘OK then, see you later’.

    Got to give the pretendy journo credit for doing summersaults with their wording there, amazing. ‘Safe for an influx’, comedy gold.


  5. Most disappointing…

    Does Forth Valley have an R number of 5 with virus explosion?

    Would have been much more eye catching


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