What a pile of fibs and fabrications from Martin Williams today. I guess he’s not one of the Herald 4 getting their jotters.

‘The Herald can reveal that NHS Forth Valley has become a new hotspot for coronavirus cases with half of the total 12 for the whole of Scotland on Friday alone!’

OMG! I am so glad I migrated to South Ayrshire in 1984.

Wait though, Martin! It’s just six. Remember the Leicester 658? What about the England 36? The 36 areas of local lock-down?


And, ‘on Friday alone!?’ Oh come on. Is there any evidence that this is the tip of an iceberg?

Outrageously, Williams opens with this:

They cleared up the Dumfries 11 in a few days. It’s closed already.

And remember the Lossiemouth 2? They closed that in two days.

So, the Falkirk 6 eh? I bet you the contact and tracing teams have closed that one down before you can doorstep your auntie in…..Carronshore?

This is just the new normal. Tensions are rising but mainly among any who see your stupid headlines.