Professor Sridhar’s tweet has been removed. I understand why. An army of drooling orcs led by the Scottish Conservatives will be all over her twitter feed.

She’s by no means alone in seeing anti-Scottishness, among Americans living here:

Sridhar uses the word ‘naive’. It’s a good choice. Intelligent people who are, in one context, naive like the young, are often best at seeing things, more realistically, as they are.

For most of us, our grasp on reality is compromised by years of socialisation within a culture. We politely allow Unionists to assert an alternative definition of Scottishness, based on inclusion within Britishness and objectively subservient to it in decision-making.

A child can see that that subservience is unavoidably, so some degree, anti-Scottish, because it weakens and undermines the idea of Scottishness, as meaning anything much beyond sport.