If not now then when? SNP at 55% and secure enough to toughen up and go for it?

In the Times today:

Support for the SNP and Scottish independence has jumped to the highest level recorded by a Panelbase poll for The Sunday Times. It raises the prospect of a second referendum on the future of Britain within a year of next May’s Holyrood elections. Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish first minister, appears to have benefited from the perception that she has handled the coronavirus pandemic crisis far better than Boris Johnson. Three times as many people believe she has done a good job of leading the response to the pandemic, compared with the prime minister. In Scotland the number of cases has fallen sharply and support for the Tories has slumped. Many people who used to oppose Scottish independence have switched to the “yes” camp, turning a…

I can’t see the full story or the data yet. but the wikipedia trend is clear:


Seven polls in a row at 50% or more.

We’ve seen endless debate about the next steps but surely this trend and level of support say it’s time?

At the very least, a vote for the SNP must mean support for Indyref2 and explicitly, in 2022 and no later.

If support for independence holds at 55% or more between now and the 2021 Holyrood election, a vote for the SNP is a vote for UDI.

If not now then when?

15 thoughts on “If not now then when? SNP at 55% and secure enough to toughen up and go for it?”

  1. “A vote for SNP is a vote for UDI” , I like that a lot . There’s the key stone of a manifesto .Craig Murray makes that very same point .

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    1. UDI is the Answer


      in Aug 2015 the Rev. didn’t think it was the Answer!

      “And in the context of achieving Scottish independence UDI is indeed the answer, if we assume that the question is “What’s the stupidest thing the SNP could possibly do?”

      “So we’ve established that UDI is dangerous and stupid, it doesn’t work, it’s morally shaky “


  2. I’m not SNP. I was a Labour member for 28 years and am now a Green although, god help me, I’m still a socialist. So what are we waiting for? Let’s go for it – it only takes nerve. Are we waiting for unanimity? Never gonny happen…

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  3. We have to negate the narrative that Scotland cannot be “legally” independent unless England agrees.
    EVEL ended the UK parliament and it’s pretence of representing the views of all of it’s constituent nations.

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    1. Very good point, about EVEL.
      The tories in their efforts to pacify and quell the divisions by brexit and EVEL will come with historic costs.


  4. Put independence up front in the manifesto—cite Maggie Thatcher’s comments (in the Commons) on a pro-indy majority of Scottish MP’s leading to independence.

    Heard on Radio Scotland this morning—-“Wings Over Scotland…. a nationalist site”—yet they could discuss content in the mail and Times without reference to THEIR undoubted nationalism?

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  5. Agree with your conclusion. Large majority in 21 and referendum in 22 or earlier. Must be clear in all indy supporting parties manifestos.

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  6. We MUST play a very clever game indeed and this matter moves into the final phase
    Of the game that Westminster plays
    Who think they hold all the cards
    So hold your horses for now
    Build by example,not rants this being so
    As no doubt the Working class vote in now in the bag and wont want to jump out
    Into the Busted labour party
    The handling of the pandemic is now winning over the middle class,No voters
    And the undecided
    So it is imperative that we hold our nerve
    Now as the dark forces of the union no doubt call upon all the MSM and play every dirty trick they can E.G. federalism
    More powers Blah Blah Blah
    And we all know what that means and never again will they dupe us
    The only thing we ever talk to them about
    Is All or Nothing
    So going forward towards 2021 Holyrood
    Election we gain a overwhelming majority
    Then the ball firmly lands in the lap of Westminster
    Such will no doubt lead to them making entirely wrong moves k


  7. Its getting close to being the “settled will of the Scottish people”.

    To combat this, there is a “Union Unit” established in Whitehall, under the direction of slithery Gove.
    There have been orders sent out to the BEEB and other Brit Nat propaganda outlets.

    ………………………………………..”GET STURGEON”!……………………………………………


    1. With regards of the MSM and their order
      Get Sturgeon
      Then all such will demonstrate that indeed that they are indeed
      Mad Dogs Barking at the Moon
      And most observers shall clearly see their
      Bubbling rancid foam spilling and spewing from their jaws

      Well and truly MAD they are now
      Keep howling please
      With every howl they increase our support


  8. There won’t be another devolved election. They are not going to make it easy for us! They will destroy Scotland in the time it takes for another UK General election


  9. On 2022 or no later for a referendum I think you’re right.

    We’d all fight for it if it was tomorrow, but (and I know this is difficult) we all have to accept unless there is a vaccine developed by the end of 2020 a referendum won’t be able to happen in 2021.

    So we need to tread a fine line between patience and urgency. But along the way there’s nothing stopping us convincing more to join the cause.


    1. We need to keep the momentum but also while the unionists are digging holes and shooting themselves in the foot we let them do it.
      We need a strong Yes that is funded.

      I notice BFS ‘Scotland the Brief’ has an effective pay wall.

      I emailed them to see if a pdf of the Scotland the Brief was available but it is not. Now is not the time to pretend we need to keep this stuff a secret- we need to be shouting it from the rooftops- not via a pay wall.

      We need to have the SNP go to the next Holyrood election with a #Indyref2 clear mandate- this should be the only policy on the go for the election

      The unionists keep saying they never shut up about independence then we need to live, breath and speak about it.

      Yes, we need to deal with Covit and save life but we need to prepare for the election to come

      We need a rebuttal department and a decent app- I heard this was in development but we need it rolled out this summer so we can start a soft campaign before the elections to Holyrood start early in 2021.

      The way things are going we may have to bite the bullet in 2020 and need to be more prepared.

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